It really is true what they say, Thursday is the new Friday. Thursday seems to be the night in the event industry when everything goes down, with last night consisting of a cocktail and canapé reception at Chelsea's Beaufort House followed by a live performance by Conor Maynard.

The event was to celebrate the venue's 5th anniversary since it opened its doors to the young and fashionable. Featuring live music from musician Conor Maynard, and a DJ set by Alex Mytton off of Made in Chelsea.

We were treated to some free cocktails (so of course we were picking them up 8 at a time and hoarding them all behind the curtain) and some yummy canapés. Not to mention some champagne and Prosecco flavoured ice lollies, after 3 my lips were plump enough to outdo Kylie Jenner's.

The event was jam packed with people from the industry, as well as some familiar faces including Youtuber's Joe Sugg, Caspar Lee, Jack Maynard and pretty much all of the Made In Chelsea crew. Oh, and accessorize was also there handing out some free flower crowns, so after half an hour the space pretty much turned into Coachella.

Overall was a fun night with the work team and looking forward to round 2 tonight at Roof Gardens!



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