Hey guys! Now that we are well into Spring and the sun is (kinda) shining in England, it's time to get all your sh*t together! yes part of this does mean you should probably declutter your bedroom and buy some Gardenia's for your windowsill but it's also a perfect time to clear things in your life.

1. Your inbox

Don't you hate when you get an incoming email thinking it's something exciting but it's just another subscription email from Petz4U? Finally take the time to unsubscribe from all those pesky emails, there's even some handy websites that do it for you! (unroll.me) 

2. Your pointless items you've been hoarding 

You don't really need that monopoly board game with the missing dog, and if you've been storing some stuff that are actually of use to someone - sell them on eBay! 

3. Your social media accounts

Delete all those random people you scroll past on your timeline like that guy Bob you met once 3 years ago on a night out. Unfollow people that are lame on Twitter and who's Instagram pics don't slay. 

4. Your diet

Summer's just round the corner...all those Maccy D's and bottles of Coca Cola aren't gonna help you get that Victoria's Secret model body. Find some substitutions for your favourite snacks, drink more water, take your vitamins and you'll notice a difference! 

5. Your spending habits

If you're like me and your money comes in one day and is gone the next, try highlighting all the pointless stuff you bought on your bank statement and try and cut down on them! You don't really need that Starbucks Vanilla Late when you can just have a coffee with some vanilla extract at work. 

6. Your relationships

Remove all the toxic people from your life that are constantly bringing you down or you're just clinging on to when really they're as useless as a white crayon (like your exes), on the other hand if you're holding pointless grudges it's a lot easier to let go of them and kiss and make up than bottle in that anger. 

7. Your iTunes/Playlists

Create a new playlist for Spring for every occasion! and make it one that you won't be constantly skipping every other song. 
8. Your apps 

We had no internet the other night, so I resulted to organising my apps on my iPad and giving them cute little emojis on each folder. It was surprisingly therapeutic but then again I am a Virgo who loves organising everything. 

9. Your attitude 

Try and reflect on all the little bad habits you have or things you do/say that might irritate other people and try and make a change. Even if it's for yourself, I personally need to stop throwing all my clothes on the floor/chair/clothing rail instead of hanging them up straight away. 

10. Your house

And of course....the traditional way to spring clean - grab some Mr Muscle and get scrubbing and dusting! 

♡ G ♡



  1. interesting read. Will be taking number 6 on board! xx

  2. Things we should be constantly doing which we all neglect! Especially number 6 and 9 🙌🏼