Friday, 10 March 2017

The fact I'm writing a post like this is quite funny considering I usually rise at 12pm (maybe later if it's been a big night out). As with most of these posts, I kind of write them to motivate myself into doing these things, and I feel like if I publish it for the world to see then I kind of have to stick to it right? During a three hour FaceTime call with Nicole, she'd commented on seeing a video of a girl who got up at 5am every day and got so much done in the mornings. Realistically, if I did that I'd be passed out by tea time, so here's my take on it. 

1. Have breakfast. An obvious one, but 8 out of 10 times I'd rather stay in bed an extra 15 minutes than get up and make myself a bowl of porridge. So I guess this also means waking up earlier.

2. Drink two glasses of water. Once I've eaten this is usually doable, but drinking water first thing in the morning makes me feel like there's a pool forming in my stomach. 

3. Read a chapter. This is the easiest way to make progress on a book without feeling guilty that I should be doing university work instead. 

4. Reply to/send emails. I wake up to about 20 spam emails, 10 online shopping deals and 2 blogging emails. So this should be a quick one and makes me feel all professional and adulty. 

5. Make a to-do list for the day. One way that I am very much a virgo is that I'm pretty organised. At least when it comes to making lists, keeping everything in a diary and a calendar, and keeping on track of things. Checking things off makes you feel more productive, although I'm not one of those lame people that list 'take a shower' just to cross it off, I'm hoping you're all doing that daily. If you want a few more tips on keeping organised at university, check out this post here

6. Check university updates. Ignorance is bliss, which is why I don't have my university email synced to my phone. 

7. Watch friends snapchats. Even though chances are they've probably sent me the exact same snapchat directly. 

8. Schedule tweets for the day. This is something I kept up for a week, but it just felt a little bit spammy if I didn't tweet much that day on my teawithgi account. 

9. Browse twitter for blogger opportunities, and try and slide in their DMs before the other 100 bloggers do. 

10. Plan meals for the day. I can't do this on a weekly basis because I go with what I fancy on the day, guess who still has 2 jars of pesto and 3 cans of tuna because I still haven't fancied eating them? 

11. Exercise! I almost forgot about this one, because my body is still aching from my 20 minute gym cube working two days ago, appalling I know. Summer is coming and my body is just getting jigglier. 

12. Have a nap Go outside. I mean if you have nothing else to do for the day, go back to sleep but whenever I'm out of the house early and surrounded by old people and nice cashiers it leaves me feeling rather chirpy. This is more doable now that the sun is shining a bit more in Bournemouth, not so much on a rainy day. 

I'm supposedly getting up at 7am tomorrow to have a fun day of focus group work, so we shall see how this all goes tomorrow. What do you like to get done first thing in the day?  

♡ GS ♡

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