Be it travelling to visit distant relatives or just to sit on a beach and relax during your holiday, going abroad is a fantastic time that we all look forward to, especially if we’ve been planning it for the better part of a year. However, there are a couple of documents that you need to prepare in order to travel, and even if you’re a seasoned globetrotter, there are times when you’ll forget something important and be refused entry into a country. Being denied entry can be a dreadful experience that will cost you money and also waste your time. In a worst-case scenario, you’ll be rejected and sent back to your home country, but there are times when you’ll be allowed in under certain conditions. But either way, it’s important to prepare yourself for travel and this means including all of your documentation. To help you out, here is a couple of things to remember before you go on your next holiday.

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The most common form of identification that you must carry with you is a passport. There are certain exceptions, such as travelling within Europe, that don’t require any kind of documentation besides a valid form of ID. However, you need to register for a passport if you want to legally cross international borders.

A mistake that plenty of people make is they forget to renew their passports. Keep in mind that passports do not last indefinitely and have to be renewed every couple of years in addition to paying a fee. Make sure your passport lasts the entire trip that you’ll be away and don’t neglect to renew it whenever it’s about to expire. Passports are incredibly important during your travels, so keep them safe in your hand luggage unless you want to risk losing them at some point during the trip. If you lose it, you’ll be in trouble and it will be frustrating trying to get it back or register for a new one while you’re abroad.


Some countries require you to have a visa to enter the country. However, there are some exceptions, such as travelling to the United States from the United Kingdom, that only require a visa waiver such as an ESTA. Check out this website for some more information regarding ESTA visa waivers. It’ll explain how they work, the cost of obtaining one, and most importantly, the countries that can apply for a visa waiver for cheaper entry into the United States. Other countries, such as China, are far more strict when it comes to visa documents and you’ll most likely require one if you are arriving from a western country.


Lastly, don’t forget the importance of vaccinations. If you travel to a country that is having health problems, then you’ll need to vaccinate yourself before you visit. In some cases, you’ll also be required to present some valid documentation to prove you have been vaccinated or else you’ll be denied entry. Consult your doctor before travelling and search online or speak with your travel agent if you’re unsure about the vaccinations required to entire a country.

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  1. As someone who checks passports regularly as I work at the post office, it's so important to look at your passport every once in a while to check it's still in date! In the UK, they only need renewing every 10 years but we get a lot of last minute renewals!

    Sian x

  2. I need to get a new passport because it means that I then can go exploring more but the price puts me off until I book a new holiday

    Charlotte x

  3. These documents are certainly important. I am a big believer in writing a checklist before I go away anywhere. I am constantly paranoid that I'll forget something.
    V ❤️

  4. This post has reminded me that my passport is due for renewal next year. I'll have to make sure to get that sorted ha. Great post, a lot of people forget about vaccinations especially so it's useful to have a reminder

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer