Thursday, 22 February 2018

For me Sunday's have always been great up until 8pm, until you realise that you have to go back to work/school/uni in the morning. What I do like about them is that it's a time to chill and  re-programme yourself for the week ahead. With it being Mother's Day, my typical routine was thrown off as I overslept until 12pm, skipped the gym, scoffed my face with Chinese food in Spain and here I am back in my (very comfy) pyjamas writing this post about what my perfect Sunday usually looks like.



I mean I could probably stay in bed until I got hungry, but then I'm filled with regret that I've wasted my day doing nothing productive. So yes 11am is the time I will officially roll out of bed, and make myself some protein pancakes whilst watching the latest recommended videos on Youtube. Which keeps getting invaded by my little brother's Pokemon videos because he uses the same account. 


This is where I try to force myself to go to the gym so that I can go back to eating healthy for the rest of the day, considering that most Saturday nights are take-away and movie nights at Mariah's. If the sun is shining then I'll go walk up the Med Steps with the family instead of being indoors running on a treadmill, although the weekends seem to be the only time I can get to all the leg machines! 


After lunch I try to get a move on with blog admin for the week - scheduling tweets, replying to comments, planning my Instagram posts and all that jazz. I'm currently trying to publish my posts on Wednesday's and Sunday's, so if I've written a deep post on Saturday night this is when I re read it to make sure I haven't overshared too much or passed the 'cringe' line. 


Tea time on Sunday's usually go one of three ways - I go out for drinks and catch up with the girls, spend the afternoon reading blogs or a book, or lay in front of the TV with a tub of nuts (ugh, healthy remember?). If I'm not feeling particularly inspired then I always find reading new blogs or browsing through Pinterest always sparks some creativity. 


This is when it starts dawning on me that Monday morning is approaching. So I write out my plans for the week in my calendar, make some sort of a carb-cycling eating/gym plan for the week and then look at the weather forecast and cry that I'm going to have to wear my ugly Captain Hook looking boots for the rain again. 


I mean I've probably been in PJs since the afternoon, but if not this is the time for face masks, bath bombs and slipping into something more comfy. The pyjamas pictured above were kindly sent to me by Slenderella and oh my I feel like a cosy toasted marshmallow. I practically live in my dressing gown between the months of December to March, because living in Gibraltar you never know when you're going to have to whip it off before you sweat to death. These pyjamas are 100% polyester and so cosy that they're perfect for the temperature here AND it means I can sleep with the window open at night so I get the cool breeze but I'm not shivering in bed. I'm a size 10 and went with the 'small' pyjama size and found that they're not too tight or too loose, so I'm glad I didn't go for the medium. 


Sunday night is usually family movie night, although nobody but me ever stays awake past 10:30pm so I might as well be watching it on my laptop in bed! I think we're getting to the part of Netflix where no one has heard of the titles and you're just praying you've come across a really good underrated movie.  


This is where I try to set my alarm for the morning and not look at my phone anymore, but sometimes twitter is just too damn entertaining. Generally, I'll read between here and 12:30/45am depending on how interesting the book is getting. For some reason on most Sunday's I feel like I could stay awake for another 2 hours, but then not even a double shot of coffee could fix the bags under my eyes at work on Monday. 

What do you usually get up to on Sundays? Do you like to make them productive or are Sundays made to be lazy? 



  1. I usually like to do a mix of both on Sundays, so my Sundays look similar to yours! I love going to the gym especially since it's mostly empty and I can do leg day. But I love staying in bed and catching up on blog work and watching Netflix. Your pyjamas are so cute! xx


  2. I like lazy Sunday’s! I’ll do the same as you and get some blog work and social media catch up done but the rest of the day is pamper and down time!- https://sophiehearts.net x

  3. Your sunday seems to be like a magazine-worthy one to be honest! I am not even willing to change my sweatpants into something more publicly-okay clothes haha. Sundays are really lazy and too long for me. I don’t have anything to do (well except uni work but I actually don’t do productive stuff on the last day of the week), so I get bored easily. I either bake some cake or muffins so I don’t waste my time the whole day, but until I finally realise that I have a blogpost due Monday, I don’t do anything talk-worthy at all!
    Wish you a nice day at work, Gigi! :)
    xx Hilal | peonycrescent.com

  4. Aww I love Sunday's! I always try and get as much done as possible before the new week arrives to feel a little organised but sometimes those days where you stay in your PJ's and no nothing but waste the day away every now and again is good for the soul lol!! XXXX

  5. Your sundays sound like a dream! Sundays are my blog days as well, and I'd love to see a recipe for the protein pancakes! x

  6. I love being nosey and reading about people's routines so loved this. This sounds like a great way to spend your Sunday xx

  7. I finally get to enjoy Sundays again! I've left my old job and my new job doesn't open on Sundays, hooray! I used to use Sundays as my 'get shit done' day: housework, blog stuff, organisation, prepping for the next week! I can't wait to get back into that routine, maybe I'll have a lazy Sunday once a week :)

    Sian x

  8. You're sunday sounds ideal! I love to change up what I do on sundays, sometimes I like to go out but the occasional lazy sunday is always appreciated! I like to have breakfast on a sunday as it's the only day I actually eat it, and usually just spend time on the blog and with family!

    Sarah | http://www.sazsinclair.com xx

  9. Protein pancakes sound like an amazing start to a Sunday if you ask me!! Sunday is definitely my blog admin day as well, I can never seem to be bothered to schedule tweets for the entire week on one day but I always try to get as far ahead as I can before the boredom kicks in (it really is my least favourite blogging job haha)! Those Slenderella PJs look sooooo cosy, I love your description of feeling like a marshmallow hehe!

    Abbey xx

  10. My sundays are usually very chilled. I like to get a head start on the week ahead by getting all the boring admin jobs out of the way whilst watching some netflix haha x

  11. I love this! Takeaways are a kind of rite on a Saturday or Sunday in my house haha, I always vow to have an early night but it never happens!

    Love izzy | http://www.adoseofchatter.com

  12. It sounds like you spend you Sundays very wisely Gi! I try and get lots of work done on Saturday but if I don't manage to get everything done then I'll spend Sunday catching up and preparing for the week ahead! xx



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