Friday, 22 January 2016

Before I delve into this post, if you were coming here expecting to see some juicy information, I'm sorry to disappoint, this tag is actually all about my first experiences with a lot of things! A lot of you might have seen these tags around YouTube as my sister pointed out, so I had a look and took a few of those in addition to a few of my own. So enjoy and I tag anyone reading this with a blog to do your own!

First Tweet

has fallen into the twitter trap!

First Singer I Fell In Love With

 Probably Bow Wow.... I was obsessed but I was a damn good rapper 

First Band I Loved

I'd say Blink 182....but I was OBSESSED with The Maine and I'm finally seeing them next week!! 

First Book I (Remember) Reading

Probably The Secret Garden, cannot tell you what it was about though, someone also stole it from my school tray - dick.

Do you still talk to first love?

it's been 4 years and we're still in contact, maybe we'll end up being the real life Noah and Allie (The Notebook).

First Alcoholic Drink

It was a Malibu & Pineapple when I was 15 and we got caught and had to give them back after I'd drank half of it. 

First Job

I worked as a Dental Nurse when I was 16, don't know how they trusted me with that. 

First Text Today

From Claire saying she was going to be late to work so couldn't give me a lift. :(

First Plane Ride

I was about 5 years old and was heading for Disneyland Paris wooo!

First Best Friend 

That would be Rebecca... and sadly I we're still close and I have to put up with her annoying singing snapchats. 

First Sleepover

I think it was up the rock in the Girl Guide's Den thing....I hated it I was cold and stuffy and I am not made for sleeping bags. 

First Concert

Shakira when I was like 13 in Malaga, I only knew 3 of her songs at the time and half of Gibraltar was there.

First Piercing

My ears...when I was like 1. 

First Movie You Saw In The Cinema

I think it was the first Harry Potter and I was with my mum, cousin and my then BFF (Rebecca).

First Celebrity Crush

Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell/ Randy Taylor from Home Improvement! When I first learn how to use a computer I remember printing out pictures of them and bringing them into school because no one had figured out how to do that yet. #socool

First Song I Heard On MTV

Eminem (D12) - My Band

First Email Address

gianasunshine@hotmail.com - my dad created it for me.

First Facebook Profile Picture

Sadly I deleted all the cringe worthy ones from 2009...but my oldest one to date is when I met Katy Perry and looked horrible so very heavily and (badly) tried to make it look better.

First Tagged Photo

Again, most of my friends have deleted albums with all the fun and memorable photos of when we were 16, but this lovely "photoshoot" we did in Spain whilst on a rowing trip is still up. 

First Housemate

All of this bunch at uni (plus another who didn't get in many photos)

First Competitive Sport

Rowing - I tried to continue at uni but who has the effort to get up at 6am on a Saturday after Lollipop?

First Meal I Learned To Cook

Lasagna (or a torta patata) because it's my favourite food so it was a must. 

First Tattoo

I got this (fading) beauty when I was 16, mum was ok with it at first but it ended up being double the size of what I showed her, sorry mum.

First Perfume I Owned

It was one by Paris Hilton....enough said.

First Mac Lipstick I Owned

It was actually a gift from my auntie and it came in a limited edition Hello Kitty collection along with a lip-liner and eyeshadow palette! God knows what the name was but it was kind of the equivalent of what Twig looks like. 

First Pet

My white bird Sunshine (hence my first email gianasunshine) and my white hamster Snowy!

G ♡


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