Thursday, 2 June 2016

It's been a while since I've gone on a rant about something, and several discussions I've had lately sparked the idea to create this blog post, on things that us as women are made to feel self-conscious about or more so, made to feel that if we're not following the trend - we're abnormal. As with all my posts, there is some humour to it and possibly (TMI) so sorry if I accidentally offend anyone, there's nothing wrong if you enjoy partaking in these things or disagree with what I have to say. 

1. Body hair

I'm all for waxing my legs & co and keeping myself looking groomed and tidy - but since when did having arm hair become a crime? My arm hair goes blonde in the sun but somehow that wasn't enough for my gay friend who protested I "needed to shave my arms immediately". The same goes for pubic hair, I've heard stories of girls who's boyfriends have been "turned off" because they had some hair down there - whilst he probably stood there with his jackson 5 afro in his pants. Here's some groundbreaking news for you guys, we weren't born to be hairless mutants - although that would be handy. 

2. Big asset's

Nowadays it seems the only acceptable place to store fat in your body is on your boobs or your butt and sadly for most of us, we're not human barbie dolls and these proportions are very hard to achieve naturally. Yes, you can do 50 squats daily and grow that peachy bum you always wanted but sadly you can't grow your boobs with the help of some 5 minute workout. It's almost like if you don't have either of these you're "less of a woman" or so society makes it out to be. I'm the first to admit I'd like my peaches to grow into melons so they'd be more in proportion with the rest of my figure, but there are days where I'm thankful for what I was given when I'm running up a hill braless (that doesn't happen often) or when I can wear a crop top without fearing I'm going to give an impromptu peep show. You just gotta work what you got girls. 

3. Cellulite & stretch marks

Just the other day I spotted a magazine with Scarlett Johansson gracing the cover, beautiful as always followed with a picture of her backside circled to point out the "horror" of her cellulite. I mean for me it was a relief - even goddesses like Scarlett Johansson have cellulite. It's something we should learn to embrace instead of cringing every time we have to flash our bumps, scars and lines to the world - after all 80% of us have one or the other and most of the time you simply can't prevent it. There's also no need to tear down other women for having the confidence to not cover themselves in 30 degree weather and showcase their "insecurities". 

4. Your fashion choices 

So what if you don't like wearing skinny jeans and buy your handbags at Primark instead of Michael Kors. Being from such a small country, people get so much stick for wearing clothes that are "out of the norm" or for being a bit out there - but if it makes you feel good about yourself and you can walk well in those 6 inch heels, fck the haters and rock the hell out of em thigh high boots. 

5. Having eyebrows that are on fleek 

I get reminded constantly by my sister than my eyebrows suck, I was blessed with the thickness but the hair is all cramped into a very thin brow. I could put more effort and fill and shape my eyebrows daily, but that's just another 10 minutes I'd have to give up in bed. 5 years ago, you would have been considered utterly bonkers if you complimented someone on their eyebrows but nowadays that compliment goes a longer way than "you have a lovely smile". If you were born with eyebrows to rival Cara Delevingne's then rock on girl - if not, you are more than just your eyebrows.

6. How popular you are on social media 

I still can't get my head around how 16 year old girls get 300+ likes on their photos on Instagram, maybe there's some secret I haven't heard about or I'm simply not using the right filter. Social media should be used to express the things you have to say or show, or simply enjoy - if you think your food looked really yummy and pretty, so what if you want to upload a picture of it to Instagram? Who cares if it doesn't fit with the rest of your "theme" or if Sarah just uploaded a photo of her on a beach in Barbados and will get more likes. Being a blogger brands tend to care more about these things, but followers doesn't mean readers - I'd rather have 10 loyal readers than 100 who never interact! 

7. How much/little make-up you're wearing

You can never win when it comes down to this - leave the house without wearing make-up and people comment on how tired you look and if you're feeling a bit sick, slap on your favourite red lipstick and suddenly people are making comments on how you look like you're going to a gala dinner with Leo DiCaprio. At the end of the day, who bloody cares - if you love spending 2 hours doing your make-up because it's fun then do it, if you prefer the au natural look then god bless your flawless skin. Incase any of my male readers are reading this, IT AIN'T FOR YOU. 

8. Thigh gaps 

I think the obsession with thigh gaps are a thing of the past - am I right? I remember once I was bending over the sink washing my face when one of my exes hit me with the "omg you have a thigh gap" to which I looked at him in confusion because a. I most certainly don't, I could suffocate someone with my thighs b. how the heeeell you know what a thigh gap is? c. why is that some sort of achievement/thing to be proud of - CHICKENS HAVE THIGH GAPS. The matter of fact is it's either down to the way your hips/thighs are shaped and how many chicken nuggets you eat.

9. Your dating habits 

So as some of you may have heard, Taylor Swift split up with Calvin Harris this week, which means - new album!! The main point that was brought up agaaaain was how Taylor Swift jumps from man to man but can't seem to make any of them stay, as if her dating life was of anyone's business. Why shouldn't we embrace being single and enjoy meeting new people? and on the other hand, there's nothing wrong with being comfortable being by yourself and rather be spending your nights tucked up in bed watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S with a tub of Morrison's vanilla raspberry ripple ice-cream. Too many people have the idea that finding true love is the only way you'll be happy, but then if you throw yourself out there and have a few fun but crazy nights, you're suddenly shunned upon for being a tad slutty. As long as you're being safe and you're keeping your heart guarded, just do you boo boo. 

10. Looking like a Kardashian-Jenner hybrid 

Last but not least, I bet you were wondering what the image caption had to do with this post. You can't look anywhere online (or in the real world) without having something from this family thrown in your face - either a new lip kit, surgeon recommendation or sponsored Instagram teatox. The fact is so many girls are striving to look like a KJ (Kardashian-Jenner for short, just so we're on the same page) and have gone for lip fillers and botox at the age of 17 - your lips probably haven't even finished developing yet!! Just suck a few ice lollies and you'll have the same effect for 99p. 

I'm even guilty to this, I bought a kylie lip kit frankly because I do love lipsticks and they were everywhere but I must admit the product was quite, well shite. I guess the point of this whole post was to remind you to be yourself and embrace what your mumma gave ya, I know at times we're all guilty of succumbing to society trends and celebrity advertisements - but at the end of the day, in 20 years your on fleek eyebrows and super pouty lips won't get you as far as a good heart. #cutie 

♡ GS ♡


  1. This blog post is so real, absolutely loved it. These are just some of the things so many of us (also boys) are pressured to maintain or have. Couldn't agree with you more G.

  2. We need more girl power!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸ» Fuck the norm, being yourself if always better!

  3. preach girl, P R E A C H! i've always been conscious of my stretch marks and cellulite but posts like this always make me feel a little better <3 'jackson 5 afro' also made me laugh so much ahahah

    Absolutely Sarah

    1. aw I'm glad it did! Sometimes we just need a little reminder! x


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