Friday, 17 June 2016

So it's that time of the year again where you have to bare it all on the beach - which for the most part means monthly waxing appointments or a lot of razor cuts. But there is a (slightly more expensive but worth it in the long run) alternative - laser hair removal. I'm a big fan of this after having my bikini area and upper lip done back when I was 18 and frankly it was the best decision ever, no more painful waxing or embarrassing razor bumps. When I was contacted by Pulse Light Clinic to come and try one of their treatments I was more than happy to do so! 

About Pulse Light Clinic 

Pulse Light Clinic (City Hair Removal) offer a range of treatments including laser hair removal, cellulite and stretch mark reduction and even tattoo removal. Laser Hair Removal is by far the most popular treatment as most people can live with stretch marks and cellulite after all - but we all do like the feeling of smooth legs! Most areas need around 6-8 treatments for all the hair to disappear completely in the long-term, but as from the first treatment you'll notice you won't have to shave as often as you did before.  

My Treatment 

For my treatment I decided to test out the Vellashape III laser which is designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as reducing fat, contouring your body and reducing your circumference. It does not require any invasive surgery and for most people, it is completely pain free. If you're a fan of KUWTK - you might have seen Khloe and Kim Kardashian get a similar treatment done on their perky behinds on the show. The Vellashape is the only FDA approved machine for cellulite on the market, and is something that is relatively new to the industry. For those of you lucky enough to not suffer from cellulite or not really sure what exactly it is, it's that "orange peel" that is usually found around the buttocks, thighs and stomach. They are clusters of fat that build up deep within your skin and then start to push up through your skins connective tissue. This then reduces blood circulation and causes the bumpy appearance on your skin. 

My Thoughts

Since the age of 18 cellulite is something that has definitely bothered me when it comes to picking out clothes for the summer - long gone are the days where I could wear short shorts and feel totally confident and comfortable. I do have rather "thick thighs" but by no means extremely overweight, in fact according to my BMI I'm at a healthy weight for my height. Sadly cellulite is something that is mostly out of our control, it can be caused by stress, a sedentary lifestyle or simply genetics. Because of this I was excited to try the Vellashape III and see what results it would bring - and at £250 a session, you'd hopefully expect some sort of difference in the mirror! 

At first instance, you're asked to fill out a consent form and fill out some of your medical history and so just to make sure you're fit for the treatment. The consultant will then evaluate your skin and measure the degree of your cellulite. The procedure itself was completely pain free and if you relax enough it's pretty much like a warm massage, but also feels like you're getting hickies/love bites on your thighs. The machine works by giving off heat, suctioning your skin and massaging it with rollers at the same time - if you can picture that. The treatment took around 20 mins per back of the thigh and I pretty much dozed off during it and found it quite relaxing. 

In terms of results, the cellulite isn't completely gone - as that would take a couple of treatments to see a massive improvement, in my case she recommended 2 or 3 as it wan't thaaat bad. I definitely feel like my skin is smoother, especially on the outer part of my thighs and looks less bumpy and noticeable from a far. I think to reap the full effects more than one treatment is definitely needed, and if you have the money for it and it's something that really bothers you - then go for it! 

Try it Yourself 

If you'd like to try one of the treatments for yourself, their clinic is located in Central London just 5 minutes from Tottenham Court Road and you can request a free consultation online. They also currently have a underarm hair removal deal where you can receive 4 treatments for just £125. To find out more about their treatments and prices head here. 

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