Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Hi guys! Hope you all had a fun filled weekend and enjoyed the sunshine. If any of you keep up with me on Instagram or Snapchat (gianaspiteri) you might have seen a couple of the shenanigans that went on at V Festival this weekend in Essex. This was in fact my first festival in the UK so I had no idea what to expect, apart from what I'd seen on the buzzfeed articles comparing them to festivals in the US (more bizarre). To sum it up I had a fab time, it's been a while since I got to dance in the rain and grind to Rihanna in the middle of a field. Of course, I saw my fair share of bizarre things which of course, I had to share with you. 


1. Everyone is so cheery. It's impossible to me miserable at a festival, unless you're one of those who stand still bopping their head with an expressionless face to I Took A Pill In Ibiza. You can talk to anyone you like and it won't be considered weird cause you're all pretty much in a state of "woooo". 

2. I now have a new found love for Bastille and Years & Years. So obviously I'm no stranger to their hits, but i've never taken the time to sit down and listen to their albums on Spotify - as I am currently doing now. They both put on such great sets, sounded great LIVE and knew how to get the crowd going. I'm also a sucker for some killer dance moves. 

3. Randomers are always keen to dance. I found myself drifting off by myself to watch different artists at times when my friends wanted to see different people, the good news is you're never far from finding a group of gals/guys to dance with. I even bumped into a woman who offered to pretend to be my "mother" and drag me to the front for Justin Bieber, hence not having to deal with all the abuse myself from people we were sliding past #isittoolatenowtosaysorry

4. There's something very liberating about swearing at the top of your lungs with another 1000 people. Of course with this i'm referencing "I Don't Fuck With You" by Big Sean. He was surprisingly good and everyone was having a fab time. The fact he often had us chanting curse words and pointing our middle fingers up was enough to get rid of all the under 13s for a while. 

5. People don't care if you skip the toilet queues. Okay I only did this once because I was wearing a jumpsuit and I wouldn't have legged it there in time safely, but V Fest did suprisingly good when it came to the toilet situation. I was expecting no loo roll after 2pm so stuffed a bunch in my bag, wee all over the floor and queues circling the area. I never found myself queueing for more than 10 minutes and the trick is, always get there before the last song ends!!

6. You can eat a burger, ice cream and crepe and not feel bad because you've walked 27,360 steps anyway. This is an accurate reading from my Pacer app on Saturday 20th August, although I stuck with a whole bunch of chicken instead. 

7. The security isn't great. Which meant bringing in a bottle of wine and a bottle of water saved me about £20 at the festival itself. Then again they also treated us like prisoners of Litchfield when trying to leave the festival and get onto the shuttle buses. 

8. I actually spent more than 10 minutes in the dance tent, and enjoyed it. If you know me well you know I'm not exactly a fan of techno/drum and base, but seeing as my friends were die hard fans I thought I'd give it a go and try and enjoy myself. Turns out I have some moved in me I never knew I had. 

9. Bastille dissing Bieber. Well it was just a giggle when he finished his set with "enjoy Bieber guys hehe" we all know what he was thinking, and well he was right. 

10. It didn't pour with rain!! I go to festivals in Europe in sandals, which isn't a great idea either but I was majorly stressing about my fashion choices, being cold and how greatful I was that I wasn't camping - a friend of mine was ready to go home because water was coming in her tent and she was sure she was going to get pneumonia. Luckily there were only light showers in the evening which were actually quite refreshing, as I said who doesn't love a dance in the rain? 


11.  Justin Bieber did a bad lip sync battle to Justin Bieber. So a lot of you have probably heard that Biebs was up to his usual antics this weekend. Partying until 4:30am, turning up to the show hangover, rambling about god and the chicken shops for 10 minutes and spending most of his time on stage facing the wall and wandering around half arsing the dance moves. Don't get me wrong, I still jammed away to Baby and Sorry (and for the other 2 hours) and he did give us a live acoustic version of Cold Water/Let Me Love You/Love Yourself where his vocals were on point. The fact he lip sang the rest of his set doesn't really surprise me but it's Bieber, he's going to get bare dolla either way. 

12. Elbows. Or just people who have no sense of direction or spatial awareness and think walking into you is perfectly acceptable, or even worse, when you're standing next to that person who spends the majority of the time dancing like a duck. 

13. TALL PEOPLE. Now being 5'8 this is something I can't really complain about - BUT when you're stood ready to wave your arms along to Diamonds the last thing you want is a tall person pushing past you to "find their friends" and then stopping right in front of you, and don't get me started on the "get on my shoulders" idiots.

14. The noodles sucked. I had to put something about the food in here, I felt like I was choking on these and the beef tasted like chorizo, I am not a fan of chorizo.  

15. Man bags. I was coming to V Festival expecting the most fashion forward / Coachella esque crowd, but instead I was greeted by shirtless teenage boys with man bags, dilated eyes and gurning jaws - or as I like to call them, pouchies. I must say I was disappointed I didn't get to rock my wellies but they aren't the greatest dancing attire. 


16. Of course a tent is the perfect place to undress. Ok so here come the slightly more *yikes* stories. So there I was throwing shapes to Craig David when I look to the side and spot a pouchie nodding his head along to the music whilst a (probably) 17 year old was bent over in front of him, then proceeded to take off her shirt and run his hands in all directions over her body, whilst looking at us straight in the eye, then dabbing some white powder in his mouth, keeping it classy. Not only this but her just as wasted friends were standing next to her egging her on!! 

17. Peeing against the wall isn't the classiest, but points to her boyfriend for holding up a jacket to keep her modesty. Okay when you have to go you have to go, so this was more entertaining than repulsive. I hope my future boyfriend does the same thing for me. 

18. Of course pizza on the floor is perfectly acceptable to eat. I mean I'm all down for the 5 second rule, but when a pizza has probably been left on the floor for 2 hours and is missing all it's cheese and is half eaten, WHO THE HELL PICKS THAT SHIZ UP? 

19. The tampon incident. I'm sure you know where this story is going. One woman obviously couldn't wait to change her tampon in the portaloos, so instead picked the perfect opportunity during Rihanna's set, with it being slightly dark and all. 

20. Drunk dad being helped out by his kids. This was down right weird, it was 5pm and some dad was legit passed out and his 10 year old kids and wife were turning his head for him to throw up on the grass and wake him up, just your regular family outing. 

I'd love to hear  he highlights and lowlights of any festivals you've been to this summer, or if you have a really crazy story to tell do share! 

♡ GS ♡

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