Saturday, 14 January 2017

I have to say, this has been the quickest response I've got from people for a blog post. I think I've lost count of the amount of times my guy friends have told me a story about a 'psycho' girl they came accross, when most of the time it's just them acting very normally to the shitty things they've done. I mean unless they went out and keyed you car or set your dog on fire, then you should maybe file a restraining order. Here's 15 gals explaining exactly what makes them a 'psycho'.

1. "My boyfriend has a huge go at me and told me to go fuck myself because I followed a male friend back on Instagram, I think he was intimidated by his muscles" - Female, 21 

2. "I got called a psycho once because my boyfriend went out clubbing, but then he lied about which club he went to and ended up going to a student union when neither him or his friends are students. Next day he became friends with this girl on Facebook from that uni who he had 0 mutual friends with - I got well angry and apparently that made me a psycho" - Female, 22

3. "I got called a psycho by my ex because he slept with a girl after we broke up who would always cause problems in our relationship" - Female, 21

4. "I saw my then boyfriend looking at (and liked) a photo of a girl on Facebook for ages whilst sitting next to me, he then said I was being psycho because after I saw him looking at the photo I found out who she was from Facebook stalking and turned out they worked together. Then next thing I know we break up and he's straight into a relationship with her. " - Female, 22

5. "I got called a psycho by my ex because I was paranoid about him and this girl, when I checked his phone it turns out he was sleeping with her behind my back." - Female, 21 

6. "My ex threw a drink at me last night and called me a psycho because I was apparently spreading rumours about us on NYE" - Female, 16

7. "My ex told me I was psycho and should get help after I broke up with him because he was seeing someone else the whole time." - Female, 25

8. "I'm a psycho for kicking my ex boyfriend in the balls after he had sex with me and broke up with me." Female, 23

9. "My ex called me a psycho because I ripped up his shirt (with the help of my best friend) that he left at my house because he slept with someone a week after we broke up. Fair enough he's single but he specifically asked me not to get with anyone as it would 'hurt' him and then went and did it himself." - Female, 22

10. "I'm a psycho because I told my ex boyfriends mum he slapped me in the face." - Female, 22 

11. "'Me and my boyfriend always cheat on each other so I thought we would cleanse our relationship buy burning pictures of people we had slept with and perform a ceremonial dance, he thought it was weird and called me a psycho and left me so I cried whilst burning the pictures alone and then burned my carpet' - Female, 21 

12. "My ex called me crazy because he promised me he was giving up smoking and I saw he was hiding a cigarette in his pocket, I went to grab it and after 5 minutes of wrestling I tore it in half and he said I was crazy and it was my fault he was going to be in a bad mood for the rest of the day." - Female, 20

13. "My abusive ex used to call me a psychopath when I told him the way he treated me was wrong"- Female, 24 

14. "My ex read a text on my phone about having an STI and then called me a manipulative bitch cause he thought I was trying to give him chlamydia, even though the text said it came back negative." - Female, 21

15.  "My ex kept hanging up on me after an argument so I forced him to come over to talk about it. He kept getting up to leave so I grabbed him and pushed him back down on the sofa and he called me crazy" - Female, 20  

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