Thursday, 25 May 2017

Anyone who says school makes up the best years of your life never went to university. There’s not much in it, but the extra independence and the chance to take control of your own existence is like stepping into a whole new world. It’s like finding Narnia, but finding it after Aslan beat the White Witch. However, anything that is amazing tends to fly by way too quickly, which is why it is so important you make the most of your time at University in every sense of the word.


As you have probably realised, this post isn’t advice for parents with a kid going away to college; it is advice for those kids doing the going away. So if you are a parent, pass this on to them please. Anyway, to sum it up, college is about embracing all the opportunities that come your way, all of them because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only that but, well, the more well-rounded and complete you are the most attractive you will be to potential employers. Oh, yeah, it’s not just about the grades, it’s about you, as a person. Here are some hacks to help you squeeze every last drop of lemonade out of your time at university.

1. Independence Day

Living away from parents can be a little overwhelming at first, and there will definitely be a few panicked phone calls when you are first staring at a utility bill or wondering how a washing machine works, but embrace it. This is total freedom like you’ve never known. It is going to bed late and getting up late and having pizza and chips for breakfast because you didn’t realise shops were shut on a Sunday morning. Enjoy it. 

2. Don’t Get A Lecture About Missing Lectures

The temptation to skip lectures is hard to resist, especially given the pressure to attend is on you. It could be a hangover, or binge watching Breaking Bad, or going to the park to drink booze and play frisbee that seems more attractive, but lectures are your ticket to a bright future. If you really cannot avoid missing a lecture, though, because you are on a sports team or something, then check out GradeBuddy to make sure you stay on track. But with only 8 hours of lectures a week or something, you’re hardly sacrificing too much by attending all of them.

3. Budgets Are Your Best Friend

Student loans can feel like best friends, but they don’t tend to stretch very far, not with rent to consider. So don’t go wild in Freshers Week and then sob inconsolably as you live off bugs and leaves for the next 9 weeks. Get used to having a budget, knowing how to shop at discount supermarkets, and how to cook only using reduced items. Don’t buy unnecessary purchases either. Think about food, toiletries, social spending, phone contract and train tickets home. These are the important things. 

4. Say Hello To Everyone

University is as much about your social skills as it is your grades, so make as many friends as possible. Make friends with those in your halls, with those in your dorm, with those in lectures and groups and societies. Say hi to people you’re sat next to on the bus. University is daunting, and not knowing anyone can suck, so make an effort and meet people. That way there will always be motivation to do something, whether it is going for a weekend away or going to lectures. 

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  1. This is excellent advice! University definitely has the potential to be the best years of your life but you get out of it what you put in.

    V <3

  2. This is some great advice and I totally understand the budgeting part as I'm awful at budgeting x

  3. I'll admit I didn't have as good a time at university as you did! Budgeting is definitely something that all young people should learn, whether they're at uni or not!

    Sian x

  4. I often had between 12 and 16 hours of lectures a week, because I did a joint honours degree. So an hour or two a week was a nice rest hahaha. Saying that, I don't recommend it as you can fall into bad habits and sets you up badly for your final years.



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