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University places are currently at the highest that they’ve ever been. It’s not longer the rich elite who are furthering their education, but instead the doors have been open to everybody, regardless of status. Instead, it goes upon your intellectual merit as well as everything that goes with it; there are courses dedicated to what you are interested in and want to use to further your chosen career path. However, there are still reasons why so many people are put off. If you are one of those people, here are ten reasons that might change your mind.

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It’s Not Hard To Fund

Especially if you are in the United Kingdom, there are loans available to cover your tuition fees which every student has to pay. Unless you are taking a course which is being funded by an outside body such as the National Health Service (nursing degrees are currently covered under their active policy), the fees are set for the year. They differ for international students, who have to pay more, but that doesn’t mean that you still aren’t able to apply for funding to cover it. Pre-1998, you didn’t have to pay any university tuition fees in the UK, but this has steadily risen. However, this doesn’t mean that this is the only way to find funding; there are also bursaries, maintenance loans, grants and all other routes which will be able to find you the cash that you need to give you the education that you desire. 

Plough Your Interests 

Whereas at school you had to focus on topics which weren’t necessarily within your sights to be used later on in life, university and college is somewhere that you can fully immerse yourself in what you’re interested in. Not only that, but you get to do it to great lengths. If you are so interested in the subject that you are taking and do well in it, you can go on to do a masters and a doctorate, as well as being able to teach it later on if you hit the qualification for that, too. 

A Ladder To A Career 

It’s no secret that most of the desirable high-paying jobs that are being advertised currently are wanting those who have obtained a degree to apply. For some jobs, it doesn’t even matter what your degree is based in - just “degree-level candidates” are required. It is a tad unfair, as you could be looking to do something that you’ve got a lot of experience in but not the degree to go with it, or somebody who is less experienced than you but has put themselves through university would be more qualified for the job … but that’s just how it works. If you have already got the experience to go hand in hand with your dream job but are just waiting for the qualification to justify it, then what are you waiting for? 

Setting A Standard

If you are the first in your family to go to university, the chances are high that somebody else will follow in your footsteps - whether it’s a cousin, a sibling or even your own children one day. Breaking down the barrier and going against decades of what has been considered ‘the norm’ may feel like you’re turning your back on everything that you know, but you are doing so much more good than that. Setting an example to those who want to be like you means that you are setting a standard of education for them to follow. 

More Money

The graduate starting salary is an average of £26,000 currently. That is definitely not an amount to be sniffed at, and a lot more than the average salary of those who haven’t gone through university. Choosing to further your education for the pay benefit shouldn’t be the only reason that you’re doing it, but as a main reason it’s pretty solid. Despite the loans that you will have to pay back, you are on a pretty good grounding to be able to go on and earn a lot more in order to pay your dues. 

A Chance To Get Away 

Not only are universities available for you to apply to all over the world, but in the UK there are so many different places to go and continue your studies. You don’t technically have to stay in the same country, either; if you are based in England, you could go to Scotland, Ireland or Wales at no extra cost. A lot of people see this as the great break away from home, although there is probably a university near to where you live if you don’t want to make the move just yet. This can prove to be an extremely cheaper option as you’re not having to pay out for accommodation, just your travel costs - and if you can get there on foot, all the more cheaper for you. 

It’s An Experience 

Ask anybody who has been to university to name an exciting, interesting or just jaw-dropping experience that they had while they were in further education and there’ll be a pause; not because they can’t think of anything, but because they’re trying to pick out and decide just one thing to tell you. There will be people through all walks of life studying at your chosen establishment, and your views will definitely be broadened. Especially if you have lived in a small village or town for your whole life, moving to a city can certainly be an eye-opener. There are different cultures, religions, classes and a whole lot more walking around, and it may take some getting used to if you’ve not experienced anything other than what you know. 

A Meeting Point 

As you will be on a course studying what you are mainly interested in, there will be a lot of people who are taking the course for exactly the same reason. There’s your one common interest and link with them - now it’s up to you to get to know what the other interests are. University is possibly one of the only places where you’ll meet people who are exactly on your wavelength; they have picked the same university as you, the same course as you, have chosen to live in the same place as you - are they in the same accommodation as you? Are they in any other societies that you might be in, or would they be interested in joining? It’s such a great chance for meeting friends for life, solid people who are there to back you up and support you through this time of your life. 

It’s Fun

You don’t think that you go through all of these years of learning just to come out at the end and think that it was all boring, do you? There are so many opportunities that are offered throughout the length of the course, from taking your studies abroad on a travel year to doing placements in work environments around where you’re based. You need to draw upon these experiences to help you out further along the line when you’re fully committed to the working world, whatever that may mean for you; you may find the confidence and freedom to go freelance, you may want to push yourself into a full-time job doing what you love or you could even end up going back to university and becoming a lecturer, teaching on what you have learned over the years. These are only 8 reasons to go - but there are thousands more.

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