Tuesday, 26 September 2017

I would say that summer is officially over, but I am now sweating to death today in my mid-length top. Either way, the party period is over and seeing as I've been too busy indulging in that I haven't been able to produce monthly favourites posts. So instead, I thought I'd post a summary including all the best bits from the summer months. So without further or due here's everything that has made the top list (stay tuned for part 2 with my beauty favourites).



I know a lot of you purely come to my blog for movie and tv show recommendations, thanks to my handy list. That being said I haven't actually seen that many great movies this summer. Cinema wise, I thought Everything, Everything was a cute teeny movie that makes you wish you had that kind of young love when you were 17 -although I can't think of many boys who would actually stay faithful when you can't touch and can only speak through email and then are willing to escape with you to Hawaii.

everything everything

If you prefer the horrors and love having popcorn thrown at you whenever there's a jump scare, then IT did not disappoint. It was unnerving but the movie also provided a lot of comedic value thanks to the group of kids in it (Stranger Things fans might see a familiar face). As for Netflix picks, The Invitation, No Escape, Before I Wake and Little Evil (comedy) were all pretty decent as well and scored well on my list.



Apart from Love Island, I don't feel like I've actually committed to many shows this summer. I always feel like summer is when you should have time to binge watch stuff because you have less obligations but alas I started working full-time this summer and was spending my weekends dancing until 6am with my sister. I continued to watch Bates Motel with my mum, which is now over for good, I've recommended it before and think it's a great series even if you've never seen the film Psycho. 

I recently started watching Power and I've been hooked on that, even just watching it makes me feel like a badass (not that I intend to copy anything I see on that show). For those of you who haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, the show centres around a wealthy New York night club owner who lives a double life as a drug lord (ooo). I've got a couple of shows on my to watch list, so watch this space for my autumn tv shows blog post soon.



When I have my spotify on shuffle there's already certain songs that are reminding me of pre-drinks and feeling on top of the world this summer - queue 'Mama' and 'Wild thoughts'. I've listened to a lot of Charli XCX this summer, and I think I was the only one who knew her setlist word for word at Gibraltar Calling this year. Apart from her pop bangers like 'boys' and '3am', I'm also a fan of her slower jams like 'Emotional' and 'White Roses'.

charli xcx

Just to put it out there I have not been a fan of Taylor Swift's new shsongs. You'll still find me listening to 'Teardrops on my Guitar' on Spotify but I skip her new tracks when it comes out on shuffle, I tried I really tried. Another artist I've been loving this summer is LANY - I fell in love with their 'ILYSB' acoustic version a few months ago and only just properly listened to the rest of the album, and they're all bangers, especially 'Good Girls'. 


I could write you a list of my top 20 summer songs, but I'm not MTV. Instead here's a playlist me and my friends collaboratively put together this summer for the wildest pre-drinks - warning some of these songs might make no sense, but there's a reason for them. 


I think this summer I haven't missed a single music event that Gibraltar has held, which for a girl that 2 years ago couldn't listen to techno for more than 5 minutes is quite the accomplishment, I officially lived for the sesh. Now, it would be typical to say National Day was my favourite event of the summer, seeing as it's unique to us and it's literally the whole country dressed in red and white and raving for about 12 hours. 

However, this year I think the Electronic Music Festival took the top spot. Despite Jax Jones playing at 3pm and Disciples just not showing up all together, the vibes were great, the pre-drinks were ever vibier and me and my sister literally got home at 7am. To open the door and see my mother in a dress about to head out the door to go find us, sorry mum. 

I could have made this post a lot longer (and interesting) but some suff are better kept in a diary, I'd love to know what you guys got up to this summer and what your highlights were! 


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