Thursday 8 March 2018

I'd been planning this post to go live next week, but then I opened Instagram this morning and remembered, it's International Women's Day! So here I am trying to get my creative juices flowing to have this post up in time, because what better time to write a post celebrating empowering women on TV? I went to watch I, Tonya last night, and on the way out the cinema I suddenly felt a lot more badass and wanted to walk across to the ice skating rink in Leisure Centre and let out all the adrenaline that had built up during the movie. Whenever I watch a film/TV show with a strong/cool/badass/boss female character I get a burst of inspiration and motivation to be the same, and so this post is dedicated to some of the characters that inspire that feeling. 

audrey hepburn
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Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

I mean I couldn't write a post of this kind and not include her! Not only was Wonder Woman one of the first superhero movies to be released with a female lead, but was also directed by a woman. The roles were truly reversed in this movie as Chris Pine was the one playing a sidekick/love interest. Diana is also everything I aspire to be - good at kicking ass, has a good heart, fearless and showed female sex symbols can have small boobs too.

wonder woman
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Shuri (Black Panther)

Isn't it strange when you see an actress you've never seen before when watching something on TV and then after you see them EVERYWHERE? This is what happened with Letitia Wright. Not only was Shuri one of Wakanda's fashion icons in Black Panther but she was also repping women interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). She also provided the best one-liners in the movie and knows how to defend herself on the battlefield, so she is an all round boss lady.

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Miriam Maisel (The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel)

Miriam Maisel is a jewish 1950's housewife who has the perfect life - until her husband leaves her and she doesn't. So she turns to stand-up comedy to rant about her life and she ends up being funnier than her aspiring stand-up ex. I've always been in love with 50s aesthetics - the clothes, the hair, the music, and James Dean. So this show makes me want to wear hair rollers to bed every night and wear red lipstick to work. That aside not only does she have a great wardrobe, but she's actually funny, smart and pretty - a combination which a lot of people didn't think actually existed.

mrs maisel
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Eleven (Stranger Things)

This is someone who you'd want to have in your circle of friends (when you were 12) because she understands that FRIENDS NEVER LIE and if you were ever being attacked by a demogorgon, or someone was messing with you or your gang you know she'd have your back. Despite her lack of understanding about human behaviour she still manages to learn the fundamentals of caring and what it means to be a good friend. Also how handy would it be to be able to make someone wee themselves in public whenever they were being an a-hole?

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Jessica Jones (in the same)

So a lot of you have probably forgot about this woman (I did) or never heard of her, but after two years we finally have a season 2 on Netflix! JJ is one of the more mysterious Marvel characters and is perceived as somewhat of an anti-hero. Despite her 'super powers' she only really uses her strength when it's necessary, like betting a misogynistic guy she can win him at an arm wrestle competition. She's not afraid to speak her mind and doesn't take s*** from anyone basically, although you probably wouldn't want to get on her bad side.

jessica jones
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✨ Who are your favourite female characters on the screen? ✨


* this post was written as part of a campaign with Panasonic but all words are my own * 

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