Thursday 4 August 2016

For anyone that's ever been at a house party/pre drinks/pre gaming with me can tell you i'm an avid fan of drinking games to get the party started/alcohol flowing/breaking the ice. Having seen some of my friends take away some of these games to uni etc and not remembering how to play I thought i'd make a handy list of my favourites that are simple, but effective.


So this is one that I like to say I made up and might require everyone to be slightly tipsy or open depending on the group of people! It's pretty simple, you stand in a circle and one person begins by asking any question they want, i.e. "when was the last time you cried" (deep i know) and you all have to go round the circle and answer that question ASAP.  If you take too long you have to drink whilst you think or you drink if you refuse to answer the question.


This one my friend Georgia introduced me to and quickly became a popular one at parties. It's best played with someone you're familiar with and requires you to stand back to back with a full drink. Everyone else around then gets to fire questions at the two of you from "who has more friends" to "who's going to go further in life" and if the person think's its themselves they drink, if they think it's the other person they don't. The game stops once one of the players has finished their drink (warning: can get bitchy)


My friend Zoe suggested this at the beach and it can get very ugly very quickly if you don't play it with a close group of friends, or just a group of girls. One person starts by whispering a question to another player regarding someone in the room i.e. "who has the nicest butt in the room?" They must then go and stand next to this person and of course most people want to know what was asked. So if you want to know what the person asked you'll have to drink 5. 


So this one most of you will probably be familiar with and it might be a bit harder to explain. You basically hand out 5 cards to all players and then with the remaining cards make this formation

You then start by turning over the cards starting from one side, and if you have the matching card the player puts it down and picks someone to drink. At the end of the game whoever has the highest number of cards left has to "ride the bus". Someone then arranges this formation again and the player must try and make it to the end (picking one card from each row) without picking a picture card. Every time they do they must drink the equivalent and start from the beginning until they make it to the end. #wasted 


This can get very messy so make sure your floor won't get ruined or better yet, play it outside. Especially when people decide not to finish their drink and chuck it on the floor instead! Divide yourselves in to two teams of 5/6 and stand preferably opposite each other. Place your cup close to the edge of the table. The first person from each team starts by downing their drink and then placing their cup face down on the edge of the table, they myst keep flipping it until it lands up on the table. Once they do this the next person can go etc. first team to have all their players finish wins! TIP: Fill about half your cup instead of trying to down a whole glass of gin guys. 


This is perfect for you Game of Thrones fans and more so you get to boss people around for the whole game! 


The first thing you need for this is to download the app "Heads Up" on the app store! Not only is this game heaps of fun but you can always double the competitiveness by making it a drinking game. Divide yourselves in to two teams and one team takes a turn to guess whilst the others do the acting out. However many the guessing team guess correctly the other team must take that amount of gulps from their drink vice versa! 


This is basically reverse "Never Have I Ever" but can get pretty funny/personal. Someone starts by making a statement i.e. "drink if you've ever kissed someone in this room" and well, as the title suggests, you drink. simples! 

9. A-Z

Pick any topic you want (make it as clean/dirty as you'd like) then go round the circle naming something within that category in the order of the alphabet. If you can't think of one, drink whilst you think! 

10. 2 UP 2 DOWN

The rule to this game is.....you're the only one who can know the rule. You have 3 options - 2 up, 2 down, or 1 up 1 down. This all depends on if your hands are above or below the table, and it's your job to tell everyone to drink if they say the wrong thing, the game carries on until everyone figures out the rule so you might be a while!


Write a bunch of random words that you wouldn't normally use in conversation on separate bits of paper, as your guests start arriving have them pick a word out and the aim is to try and slide that word into conversation several times throughout the evening. For every person who asks you why do you keep talking about "insert random word here" you drink. This works best when everyone in the room isn't aware of the game. 


This one's pretty simple and requires no extra bits. You all take it in turns to make a statement such as "most likely to throw up in the club tonight" and everyone then points at who they think would be most likely to do that. You then drink the equivalent to the amount of fingers pointing at you. 


All you need is a creative mind and monopoly money.  Everyone starts out with 100 "dollars" of monopoly money at the start of the night, throughout the evening you guys basically dare each other to do stuff for a certain amount of monopoly money, whoever has the most money at the end of the party wins whatever you decide the prize is. Think "Nerve" but with less blindfolded motorcycle riding. 


All you need for this game is a deck of cards and people with two brain cells. You start by giving out 6 cards per player. One person then makes a question based on the card numbers they have i.e. "Name 7 car brands"if they have a number 7 card. If one of the players thinks they can do this, they beep/slam the table whatever. If the player succeeds, the one who asked the question drinks, if not the one who thought they could answer it does. Whoever amounts the most cards wins. 

You obviously don't need to play these games with alcohol and can be just as much fun with a Virgin Pina Colada, and if you are drinking make sure you know your limits! I'd love to hear more about your favourite drinking games in the comments. 


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