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Happy Monday everyone! I thought this would be a great post to publish today to kick off some Monday motivation. Originally this post was meant to be called '365 days of learning' and the challenge was to learn something new everyday. However we are now half way through February and I also thought of the days I was going to be laying in bed after a night out, and the only thing I'd be learning was the best methods to get rid of a hangover. So instead, I want to make this more of an on going thing to do as often as possible. 

I feel like as adults, once we leave university our brains get pretty comfortable doing the same things - far gone are the days of exams and course work and instead our minds switch to our regular working day tasks and whether conspiracy theories about mattress stores are true or not. Which is why I've combined this very productive list of ways to become smarter and expand your knowledge as an adult.  



After the success of last year's Valentine's post on what people had learnt from their past relationships,  I thought I'd put together another nosey post. This time on what people viewed as relationship 'deal breakers' - in other words, what would you have to do to make this person not or want, to date you (maybe take notes). The general consensus was that people had an issue with people not liking cats/dogs, so I guess there could be worse things to be picky about. I'm actually allergic to cats, but for the right person, I'll take allergy tablets for you.  

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There are two things that excite me most when I think about Valentine's Day, the reduced chocolates in Morrisons and the release of Fifty Shades Freed. I've been single for quite some time now, and even when I wasn't I was still solo when February 14th came around. However that doesn't mean I've been spending the occasion crying in the bath listening to Celine Dion. Technically St Valentine's Day is the 'feast day of Saint Valentine; the celebration of love and affection' so why should this only be extended to your S/O? Instead of writing a post about why Valentine's Day sucks, because let's face it why wouldn't you enjoy a day dedicated to flowers, chocolate and a 3 course meal? I thought I'd write a little something about why it's also important to look out for numbero uno. As the fabulous Ru Paul once said, If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?

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Hi ladies (and gentleman) today I want to talk to you guys about body hair. I just want to make a quick disclaimer that as a woman, it's up to you what you wish to do with the hair under your armpits or elsewhere. Even though society tells you you must be a smooth doll, it's a personal choice. Judging by my eyebrows and the thickness of the hair on my head, I definitely don't fall in the spectrum of girls who 'only have to shave once a month because they don't have a lot' - I still think this is a myth and if not, I am incredibly jealous. After trying a variety of hair removal methods - waxing, threading, hair removal cream and even those 'magic mitts' (that were meant to get rid of your hair through friction), I decided the best and most effective thing to do was get laser hair removal with Ocean Medical Clinic.  

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Gibraltar has been my home for most of my life, barring my time spent away for university. Even though we are a small community, we have never been short of local talent, particularly in the arts. From music to fashion to dance, Gibraltar has produced some great names and when events are hosted to celebrate these arts, it's always great when we look within, instead of just looking at the biggest names around the world.

 One of my favourite things to do when visiting a new city is immersing myself in the culture, arts and history. When I saw the Gibraltar Cultural Services were putting on a retrospective exhibition showcasing the best of fashion design in Gibraltar, I was intrigued and excited. Firstly because, I hadn't attended anything of its kind here and secondly as an events graduate, I was interested to see the creative process that went into this and the final product. I was kindly invited to the opening of the exhibition by Cultural Services and Paul Perez, which was complete with a fashion show and champagne - so it was a definite yes from me.

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