"What movie shall we watch tonight?" seems to be a frequent question on my Whatsapp groups, which is why I thought of compiling this blog post together so that myself and you guys will never be stuck on something to watch again. Obviously I'm not going to include every movie I've watched in my life on here, so I've selected a few per genre that popped into my head or I've seen recently. This will be an ongoing list and I'll keep adding to it as I go. Happy movie watching!

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Blended | 7 - It's always a funny film when Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore come together. 
We're The Millers | 7 - Hilarious, even the third time.
Why Him? | 7.5 - I love anything James Franco does, and this actually provided a few laughs by everyone.
The Edge of Seventeen | 8 - A great 'coming of age' movie that most of us can relate to. 
Knocked Up | 7 - It took me so long to watch this, but Seth Rogen is great in this. 
Sing | 7.5 - Got stuck watching this with my brother at Odeon, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Baywatch | 6.5 - Not the best movie plot, but there's a lot of shirtless Zac Efron. 
Little Evil | 7 - A film that makes fun of the horror movie stereotypes, laugh out loud. 
The Disaster Artist | 7 - A great watch for anyone who's seen The Room. 
Girls Trip | 7.5 - One of those movies you watch with your group and assign characters to each of you.
Happy Death Day | 6.5 - One of those repeating the same day movies that can get quite boring, but was alright.
Father Figures | 6.5 - Got stuck watching this in cinema as BP was sold out - provided a few laughs. 


Mystic River | 7 - Interesting plot, unpredictable, oldish. 
The Girl On The Train | 6.5 - the book was better. 
The Next 3 Days | 7 - keeps your heart rate up throughout the whole movie. 
Chloe | 7 - weird, interesting, great cast. 
Split | 7 - good but the trailer gave away most of the good parts. 
A Cure For Wellness | 8 - very very strange but kept me interested throughout the whole movie, good twist. 
Get Out | 8 - nerve chilling but also had its comedic moments. 
Lavender | 8 - had to scroll a while down on Netflix, but was a good underrated psychological thriller. 
Hush | 6.5 - more of a badass than I would be in a home invasion. 
The Forest | 7 - kept questioning myself whether the main guy was good or bad the whole time 
No Escape | 7 - made me not want to visit Asia, unless it was with Owen Wilson.
47 Meters Down | 6 - assume this would have been better if we hadn't watched a shitty copy of it. 
Miss Meadows | 6.5 - quirky, weird, good to watch with your friends on a Saturday to laugh at. 
The Box | 6 - genuinely creepy, teaches you about morals and all that, gave me nightmares. 
You're Next | 7 - How well do you really trust your siblings? 
The Invitation | 7 - always be cautious of what dinner parties to accept. 
Mother! | 5 - was confused the whole time, I felt like the movie was giving me anxiety and claustrophobia. 
Kidnap | 7.5 - feel like Halle Berry did a similar movie to this, but for a car chase movie it was still good. 
Shelter | 7 - A movie that you have to pay attention to or you won't know what's going on.
Open House | 5 - don't listen to Netflix's recommendation to watch this.
Berlin Syndrome | 7 - Don't take strawberries from hot strangers on the street when travelling. 


Gone | 7 - this girl was fearless, who meets a man in the middle of a forest alone at night? 
Don't Breathe | 6 - they had it coming really. 
The Silence Of The Lambs | 8 - A great classic, can't believe it took me this long to watch. 
The Ward | 7 - good twist, unpredictable. 
Before I Wake | 8 - started off scary and ended with me wiping away my tears. 
It Follows | 6 - feel like this movie was a metaphor for STIs?
IT | 8 - Scary but the kids made it a bit less spine tingling and provided some laughs.
Annabelle: Creation | 6 - the drunk couple at the cinema were probably more entertaining. 
Jigsaw | 7.2 - I can't remember what happened in the previous ones, but this didn't feel like a repetition.
Lights Out | 7 - I'm quite fond of Teresa Palmer, and this movie wasn't awful. 
Leatherface | 6.8 - I'm not a fan of gory films, but the storyline awarded it a slightly higher rating.
Hostel 2 | 7 - Provided more of a storyline than the first one. Don't watch with parents if you're planning on going travelling.


500 Days of Summer | 8 - one of my favourite movies ever about love that's not a love story.
La La Land | 8 - surprisingly preferred the storyline to the soundtrack. 
Midnight In Paris | 7 - This film made me want to move to Paris, and loved the plot. 
About Time | 9 - rare 9 on this list, made me laugh and made me cry. 
50 Shades Darker | 7 - To this day I'm not sure where those metal balls are meant to go. 
Me Before You | 8 - book and movie just as good, great casting. 
Everything, Everything | 7 - Cute but unrealistic. What teenager has the funds to spontaneously go to Hawaii? 
50 Shades Freed | 7.5 - Felt like the ending was cut a bit short, not as good as the second, but better than the first. 


Lovelace | 8 - made me hate men and the porn industry, 10/10 for the wardrobe choices.
Requiem For A Dream | 8 - trippy, graphic movie and will put you off doing drugs forever.
Candy | 6.7 - an indie movie about love & drugs with Heath Ledger.
Spotlight | 8 - a movie that makes you want to fight for justice
Lion | 8 - inspiring, emotional and beautiful
American Beauty | 9 - great movie but creepy in light of recent events.
Hidden Figures | 8.5 - made me wish I would have tried harder in psychics
Hacksaw Ridge | 8 - don't usually like movies about the war, but this kept me interested.
Mr Church | 7.5 - watched this on the plane, great chemistry.
The Whistleblower | 9 - underrated Netflix film, gave me tears of anger (also based on a true story)
Walk The Line | 8 - great Johnny Cash bio-pic, Joaquin Phoenix is the man.
Goodbye Christopher Robin | 7 - don't take your kids to see this, Winnie the Pooh had a depressing start.
Wonder | 8.5 - great film for children and adults alike.
What Happened to Monday | 8 - Netflix original, loved it.
The Greatest Showman | 8.5 - if you need motivation to move in the morning, put on this soundtrack
The Zookeeper's Wife | 8 - based on a true story
3 Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri | 9 - amazing casting, witty, touching, was bursting for the toilet but didn't want to miss anything.


Passengers | 7 - good but plot would have received a different response if Chris Pratt was ugly.
Kong: Skull Island | 7 - funnier than the original, and with hotter men.
Guardians of The Galaxy | 8 - funky, with a great soundtrack.
Wonder Woman | 8 - made me want to stop eating squashies at the cinema and do some high kicks.
Spider-Man: Home-Coming | 7.5 - cute, possibly better than the original.
The Commuter | 7 - like Murder on the Orient Express, but less talking and more fighting.


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | 7 - made me want to read the book.
Dr Strange | 8 - first time i'd seen Benedict C act, didn't dissappoint.
Fantastic Beasts | 8 - loved the costumes, loved the movie.
Moana | 8 - better than Frozen, always consider the coconut.
Beauty and The Beast | 8 - was lovely even in low quality.
Coco | 8.5 - shed a tear, laughed - you'll love this especially if you can speak spanish.


Tulip Fever
The Zookeeper's Wife
The Book Of Love
My Cousin Rachel (July)
The Last Word
The Blackcoat's Daughter
Berlin Syndrome
The House
Baby Driver
Rough Night



  1. I love this.. some of these are my favourite films, it reminds me that I need to watch them again soon! I am so glad I found your blog, your content is wonderful you should be so proud.. keep up the amazing work pretty lady! x

    1. thank you lovely! I really appreciate it. I'll be sure to keep this post updated!

      G x

  2. Can always count on this list to pick a movie 😘

  3. Not even kidding, I've been google different films to watch for the past half hour because I can't decide what kind of a film I'm in the mood for. I'm bookmarking this list for future use as well, thank you!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode