Saturday 24 January 2015

If you know me personally you knew this post was coming. I'm a fan of all things Disney, but that being said I could go at least a year without having to hear "It's a Small World" again.

With me moving to Orlando, we decided to make it a family trip, and so they could take my 5 year old brother to DisneyWorld etc. for the first time. Looking back, I probably was more excited than he was getting photographs with the characters whilst he stated "that's not Mickey Mouse that's a silly man in a costume"  and the fact we took him on rides like the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror and that creepy Yeti ride in Animal Kingdom, didn't make him any more keen on going on any more rides that left the ground. As you can see, he wasn't thrilled. (top right)

Moving on from that, i didn't want to make this post a detailed thing on every park i went to and how magical they were because let's face it, most of you don't care and i'm sure many of you have been yourselves, so after a lot of thought and consideration i've complied a list of my favourite/most memorable attractions at each place, i mean hey if you're going soon, you might wanna get FastPasses for them so this could be slightly worth a read!

Magic Kingdom

Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor - who doesn't love seeing people get made fun of (including my step-dad)

Space Mountain - I'd been waiting to go on this since i was 9 and couldn't go on in Disneyland. P.S. don't put your hands in the air, you will lose them.

Big Thunder Mountain - just brings back a lot of memories when i went as a child at Disney and was also the first ride we went on at the park this time round!

Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest - it went backwards and it was kinda creepy, but it was the only thrill ride here so hey, was also accompanied by my brother screaming and crying behind me.

Kali River Rapids - we got very wet.

DINOSAUR  - my brother cried, again.

Hollywood Studios 

Rock n Roller Coaster - ALL TIME FAVE. Rock n Roll music whilst you're speeding through and swirling all over the place, doesn't get any better than that.

Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror: not just a lame "you go up and drop" ride, couldn't tell what floor I was on half the time.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-A-Long: ok so this wasn't a ride but who doesn't love singing all the frozen songs at the top of their longs amongst a room of children. My brother also decided to get up on his chair and start enthusiastically interpreting the "Let it Go" music video, hip sassy walk and all. -face palm-


food, and more food.


Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey - the effects on this o m g, actually felt like I was flying through the quidditch pitch, hands in the air and all.

Revenge of the Mummy - i don't remember much, but i'm pretty sure it was cool.

Hollywood Rip Ride RockIt - I was kinda s***ting myself at first because the harness only covers your legs so I immediately saw my death flash before my eyes, but again adrenaline and music = worth the risk of death.

looking back i guess all the 8am wake ups, aching feet, queue waits and family arguments over where we were going for lunch and what fast passes we were going to get were worth it.


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Thursday 22 January 2015

or should i say, moving 7007km from home (yes i googled that).

So before I delve into everything i have to say about everything i am passionate about on this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself, and if you find me slightly interesting that might persuade you more to read the ramblings i post on here.

So i'm from a small country called Gibraltar, 10 points if you don't have to google that! But for those of you who don't know it's a small country located at the southern tip of Europe, bordering Spain, and yes I do speak fluent Spanish.

So in 2013 I moved to the beautiful seaside resort of Bournemouth in the UK to study Events Management, but obviously moving to the UK wasn't enough for me so here I am, typing away from my new apartment in Orlando where i've come to do a semester abroad whoopie! This is actually my first time in America and the fact that I'm actually living here for 4 months too is still a bit surreal, and i'll be sure to blog about all my wacky adventures during that time on here (i promise it will be more than my trips to DisneyWorld)

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This is me and my mum in one of those standard, "let's take a photo -insert location here- so i can show everyone back home" photos mum's seem to like doing.

I'm a big fan of bands, naps, wasting time on the internet, being weird and reading cliche books that everyone seems to be reading at that time, other than that, i guess you'll be learning more about me as you wander deeper into my mind as my posts unfold, yay! 


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