Friday 13 November 2015

Friday 13th is usually an unlucky date, but for Beliebers and Directioners everywhere it marked the release of both One Direction's Made In The A.M and Justin Bieber's Purpose. Despite all the twitter fandoms war on which is better and who will grab that number 1 spot on the charts, I will be reviewing both these albums separately and not pitting them against each other! (mostly because I probably wouldn't be able to choose anyway. First up, the 1D boys!

One Direction have been consistant with their album releases for the past 5 years (mainly every November) which means throughout the rest of the year, these boys are either on tour or at the studio non-stop, no wonder they need this well deserved break! Made In The A.M is the 5th studio album by the group, and first without former member Zayn Malik -cries- 

A lot of people were skeptical whether the 4-piece would still deliver, and after listening to the album last night after Spotify prompted me to, I can say they definitely did! The album follows the same sound as their 2 previous albums, with a few more pop rock anthems, slow ballads and saucy lyrics "ooo give it to me one last time" With tracks like History, Perfect and Drag Me Down being obvious radio jams, the album also has some more underrated bangers like A.M, Temporary Fix (basically No Control part 2) and Never Enough, which was kinda of a weird but good one. 

Personally with One Direction, I've always been more of a fan of their slower jams (unless i'm drunk and pre-gaming then i'm all over Best Song Ever), Little Things, More Than This, Same Mistakes, Night Changes - all were tearing at my heart strings. So it was no surprise I took quite the liking to Love You Goodbye and If I Could Fly on this album. 

Here are my top 5 picks from the album - and if you want to check out the whole thing, scroll down for the full Spotify album!

5. Temporary Fix

4. A.M

3. History

2. Love Me Goodbye 

1. Perfect

G ♡


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