Wednesday 16 March 2016

Hey guys! So I have a very exciting trip to Sweden this Thursday as part of a familiarisation trip for work - which means lots of fun activities! (I'll be telling you all about it when I get back back) and seeing as I always leave packing for the last minute, I thought I'd write this blog post up to make sure I don't remember to pack anything and to give you guys some tips too! Technically I have a 23kg suitcase I'm taking with me too...because Sweden is cold, but this works either way. 

1. Make sure you take the right bag! 
When flying home to Gibraltar, I usually just take my handbag and then regret it because I've had to leave so many clothes & shoes behind that I could have fit in a cabin sized travel bag/suitcase. Make sure you check the dimensions for your airline or you could easily find one on eBay, Sports Direct (and even Primark) that will fit in most airline cabin areas. 

2. Bring bottoms you can wear with everything 
Unless you reaaaally need those leopard print leggings, try and stick to neutral bottoms that you can wear with 3/4 tops. Same goes for shoes - don't pick a different pair for every outfit you have planned!

3. Boots and Primark are your best friend for travel sized goodies. 
Nowadays you can pretty much buy a "mini" anything - dry shampoo, 2-1 shampoo/conditioner, hand soap/moisturiser, wipes, sun screen etc. You can also buy an all in one gel/bar that is good for washing your body, hair, clothes and fruit!

4. Find ways around "liquid allowance" 
Ladies, if your liquids go over 100ml each - opt for powdered make-up! I've never really gone over the limit, then again they'd never bothered about all the lipsticks and so thrown around in my bag. 

5. Maximise Space 
One trick I learnt on Pinterest was to roll and not fold your clothes - you'd be surprised how much more room you can get out of it! If you're really struggling, buy those vacuum bags that suck all the air out. Also use the space in the cup of your bras / inside your shoes to stuff socks, underwear and smaller items! 

6. Remember what you can and can't take on hand luggage 
Your legs can stay hairy for an extra day whilst you wait to purchase some disposable razors in your destination country! Which takes me on to my next point....

7. Buy it there
Unless you're travelling to Antartica, chances are you won't be far from a supermarket or store to buy sunscreen and all your other inexpensive little necessities. 

8. Kindle > Books
I'm a bit of a hypocrite since my kindle is back home gathering dust whilst I carry two books with me in my bag (Me Before You - read it!), but if you have one it really does make a lot of difference space and weight wise! 

9. Invest in a travel wallet
Accessorize do the cutest ones wit compartments for your passport, tickets and documents. This way you have all that important stuff in one place and it won't get lost at the bottom of your bag. 

10. Check-In online
That way, like the swag individual you are, you can just head straight to security and into the departure lounge and have more time to shop around tax free. 

Do you have any other travel tips you live by? 

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