Friday 1 April 2016

Hey lovelies, time for another product review and this one comes in the form of some lovely organic drinks from my pals Berrywhite. They were kind enough to send me their whole collection of sparkling and still flavours to try and I've managed to consume them all in 4 days, oops. Keep reading to find out more about these products! 

About BerryWhite Organic Drinks

As the name suggests, they are a range of organic drinks with no added sugar or anything artificial. Each fruity flavour contains berries and white tea extracts and is a healthier option that only contains 32 calories per drink! The drinks were designed to be light and refreshing so that they could be drunk alongside food, but still be flavoursome as a thirst quencher when consumed on their own. Furthermore, every time you enjoy a delicious Berrywhite organic drink you help others. A donation is given to the BerryWhite Foundation for every bottle or can sold! 

My Thoughts

Firstly let me say I'm heading to Holland & Barrett after work to get me some more of this deliciousness. As I said earlier it hasn't taken me long to get through all of them. My personal favourite has to be the sparkling peach & goji berry. The sparkling drinks come in cans and therefore make me feel like I'm drinking a can of Redbull but with a quarter of the calories. I usually take a bottle of Ribena to work when I'm not drinking water, which still sets you back 100 calories so this is a better and more fruity alternative! The flavours I tried were as follows:

  • Sparkling/Still Pomegranate & Blueberry: Currently drinking this as we speak, the sparkling one tastes pretty similar to a redbull but with a more prominent blueberry taste. 
  • Sparkling/Still Peach & Goji Berry: My favourite! I could drink these everyday.
  • Sparkling/Still Cranberry & Guava: I'm a big fan of cranberry juice so again I was a fan of this, I also found it to be the sweetest one of them all. 
  • Sparkling/Still Lemon & Ginger: This one definitely has a kick to it! It's not one I would down in 10 seconds but I love its unique flavour. 

I Want Some!

If you want to stock up on these drinks for yourself then head Here or pop into your nearest Holland & Barrett! 

* This product was gifted to me for review but all opinions are my own. 

♡ G 


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