Wednesday 1 June 2016

I'm back with another skincare review! and this time it comes in the form of an at home microdermabrasion treatment that is designed to fit your skin type. I was kindly asked by DermaTX to try and review their product and having never used one before, I was excited to see the results. Having relatively normal skin (after going through my teenage phase of oily and spotty skin) I was recommended to use the DermaTX Rejuventate System which is designed for normal/sensitive skin - which I could say I have too seeing as anything makes my face red.

About The Product

DermaTX Advanced Skincare provide a range of at-home products that deliver clinical results and at an affordable price. Their microdermabrasion creams have been developed to deliver maximum results and contain premium cosmeceutical ingredients to target different skin types and concerns. Their microdermabrasion systems even won silver at the 2015 Beauty Awards. 

DermaTX Microdermabrasion uses a combination of physical, chemical and mechanical actions to deliver visible results in minutes. There 3 main treatments are Rejuvenate for normal/sensitive skin, Brighten for sun-damaged/ageing skin and Clarify for oily and acne prone skin. As mentioned, I opted for the Rejuvenate treatment which has the following benefits:

  • polishes skin with professional grade microdermabrasion crystals
  • lactic acid accelerates skin cell turnover, encouraging skin to renew itself
  • antioxidants encourage skin rejuvenation and provide anti-ageing benefits
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and minimises pore size
  • improves skin tone and texture to reveal healthy looking skin 

My Thoughts

I'd never had a microdermabrasion treatment done, and I still have to check the spelling of it before typing it - so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The product came with a DermaTX Rejuvenation cream, exfoliating foam head, cleansing brush head, stand and a battery powered device. The cleansing brush is designed to be used daily, whilst the microdermabrasion treatments are to be performed once or twice a week. 

On first instance, I realised I used way too much cream on my face, and since it's quite grainy it can feel a bit rough on the skin, so I definitely don't recommend using this cream without the applicator. Once I got the hang of it, it started to feel more like a massage, except on the nose cause that's always a strange sensation. The device vibrates along with the brush/foam head as opposed to the head rotating, which can be a weird sensation but not enough to put me off using the product. After just one use my skin felt so radiant and smooth it was hard to keep my hands off my face - I guess that would defeat the purpose hey? It's definitely become a fun part of my skincare routine and I use it along side my grapefruit wash and simple skincare moisturiser. Ironically after saying my skin was pretty clear before I ordered it, I started getting a few breakouts, so I'd be interested in trying the "Clarifying" cream and see what results it gives me. Overall, I definitely think the product is effective in carrying out what it's set to do. 

Get Some! 

Click here to find out which treatment suits your skin type - each package is priced at £70.00 and includes the cream, foam and brush heads, applicator device and stand. What products do you currently use in your skincare routine? 

* This product was gifted to me for review but all opinions are my own. 

♡ G 


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