Thursday 7 July 2016

Finally! A razor that's pretty enough to Instagram, like seriously have you ever found a rose gold hair remover before? That aside, nowadays there's a subscription box for everything (and a lot of useless ones at that) and this is probably one of the most useful ones I've seen! The basis behind Friction Free Shaving (FFS) is that they send you a supply of razors to your door on a monthly basis, so there's no excuse for having enough leg hair to rival your boyfriends or using a razor you last changed on New Years when you needed those silky smooth legs. 

About Friction Free Shaving

FFS are probably the simplest and most useful subscription box out there. You pay a monthly fee and get your razors delivered straight to your door, for either £3 a month, £5 a month or £7 a month. The Faye, Franke and Samantha razors each come with 4 razor heads and vary in blades - with the most "expensive" giving the best shave with 5 blades. They even come with a cute reminder to tell you to CHANGE YOUR RAZOR HEAD at the end of every week, so if you follow the steps you should ideally never be left with a blunt or clogged razor. 

My Thoughts

Firstly I have to admit I suck at changing my razors, and usually just have a bunch in my room and go swapping them for whichever looks the sharpest/cleanest. I have really coarse and dark hair so I usually have to shave my legs/armpits every 3 days or I start to look like Chewbacca. My Wilkinson Sword razor was getting old and I didn't wanna splurge £15 on a new head so I was relying on disposables, which as expected don't really do a great job. I was given the Samantha (£7) razor to review and I can say I'm lying here rubbing my legs in awe at how smooth they still are. As I've already established, THEY'RE SO PRETTY. When it comes to the actual practicality of it I think it's got a pivoting head so you don't end up with bleeding ankles like I constantly have and my legs feel smoother for longer. I also love that it comes with a little reminder to change your razor head weekly as most of us simply don't bother (myself included). I'll definitely be sticking to this subscription box. 

Get Some! 

If you love rose gold everything or hate splurging on something as simple as razors, then I highly recommend getting your hands on one of their subscription boxes on their website here

 • this product was gifted for review but all opinions are my own •

♡ GS ♡

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