Wednesday 17 August 2016

When I was around 15, there was nothing more exciting than sitting in the living room at 7pm with my mum watching the Gibraltar lottery and imagining all the things I'd do if we won the jackpot. I think the closest thing we ever came to winning anything was a minor prize of £500, but even then that had to be shared out between the whole office so the winnings weren't anything substantial. Since then I can say I've probably only bought one scratch card and despite having worked in a betting company for a year, I've only bet on the horse races once and only managed to win my money back. I just find it all very confusing, but then Lottoland gave me the opportunity to try all this out online, which is great for us lazy folks!

The essence of it is slightly different to your average lottery, instead of purchasing a ticket and picking your numbers instead you are actually betting on the results of the lottery. This isn't just limited to the UK either, giving you a choice to try your luck at the Irish, American (Powerball) and even Australian lottery. I myself have decided to place my luck in Australia as well as spending 1/3 of my credit on scratch cards, those things are fun. So what exactly would I do if I won the lottery? Stay tuned for the Australian Lotto results this Sunday, if I have a very luxurious August favourites post up next, you know why. 

1. Pay off my overdraft. I guess being responsible and all this would probably be priority since I'm currently contemplating how I'm planning on paying back my hefty university overdraft in the space of two years AND save money to go travelling. 

2. Buy myself a Nissan Figaro. Well, once I get my driving license that is - so I guess I'd possibly use this to pay for driving lessons too? I'm all for vintage looking cars and I've had my eye on this for ages and It would make me feel like a 1960's star. 

3. Get cute little apartments in my favourite cities. London, New York, Paris and New Orleans would definitely be on the cards, and I guess it's smart to have my own place to live in Gibraltar too that doesn't comprise of me sharing a room with my sister. I'd also have to invest in a cute lake house, but not one of those creepy ones that end up with murder. 

4. Give my mum a lump of money in a "Thank You" card. Simply to thank her for what an expensive child I am, considering I've needed laser eye surgery, a jaw operation, money for university and my semester abroad in the states, it's the least I could do. If you're reading this, thanks heaps mum! 

5. Spend 5 hours in Oxford Street. Of course some of it would go on clothes and make-up, specifically MAC, Benefit, LUSH, Urban Outfitters, Topshop and the Disney Store would be my targets. 

6. Take a year out and travel the world. I mean this is the plan anyway, but it would be a hell of a lot easier with an extra million deposited in my bank account. Imagine that, I wouldn't even have to choose my hotels based on lowest price first. 

7. Sign up to all the charities I see on TV. I wouldn't be a very good person if I didn't use the money to do some good. But i've always been very skeptical at where the money really goes. I might also adopt a panda whilst i'm at it. 

8. Get laser hair removal everywhere. Just because waxing and shaving is time consuming and a pain, and this means I'd always be bikini ready and would constantly feel smooth as a mermaid, if mermaids had legs.  

9. Put £1000 in my concert ticket fund. Don't you hate when your favourite artist drops a tour announcement and then the tickets are released two days later? like HOW am I meant to prepare for this. This fund would keep me going for a couple of months. 

10. Buy lots of dogs (and a cat or two). Once I've settled in one of my nice houses (preferably the lake house) it's time to fill it with lots of cute dogs and cats so even if i'm still single and alone, I have all my pets to keep me company. 

If you'd like to try your luck and this post has got you wondering about what you'd do if you won a million (or billion) try it for yourself here. What would you do with the money? 

• this post was in collaboration with Lottoland but all opinions are my own •

♡ GS ♡

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