Tuesday 13 September 2016

Summer is definitely the time I manage to get through the most books simply because I get bored of sunbathing at the beach for more than an hour and I spend more time on planes and trains. I never tend to do individual book reviews as frankly I'm not a woman of many words when it comes to analysing them, but I guess a seasonly blog post would work just fine. So here are some of the books I've picked up this summer which I would definitely recommend! 


By now you must have seen Me Before You in cinemas and or picked up a copy of the book, After You is what follows on from that story which had us all sobbing or inappropriately laughing thanks to the chemistry between Louisa and Will. It follows Louisa as she deals with life after she loses Will, and the ups and downs that come with it.

I loved the first book so much I took my time with the last few chapters because I didn't want it to end, I pre-ordered the second and it arrived just in time for my flight back to Gibraltar! I must say it took me about 20 pages to get into the story, it lacked the spark and humour that the first book brought, or maybe I just didn't like the fact there was none of Will's sarcasm in it. I still stuck through it and it had its twists and surprising moments, it also teaches you a lot about all the stages we go through when grieving and how you almost end up feeling guilty every time you crack a smile or laugh at something. Although being perfectly honest I couldn't tell you what happens in the end, so no spoilers there.


This book reminded me a lot of The Fault In Our Stars, and I am a sucker for a YA (young adult) book. The book follows two high school students - Finch is a troubled teen who is fascinated by death and Violet is your typical popular cheerleader who is grieving the death of her older sister, their paths cross when they're both planning on ending their lives on the edge of the school bell tower. 

This book went from being very full of life to pretty depressing, or more so it didn't end the way I wanted it to so maybe I should write an ulterior fan fiction. The characters were very likeable but frustrating at the same time, I wanted to slap Finch half the time and if this was real life he would definitely come across as the clingy weirdo, but somehow when I was reading it I felt like I'd love to meet someone that spontaneous who came up with all these weird plans and leave flowers at my door. This book is also being adapted to the big screen in 2017, so you better get reading!


I'd seen this book everywhere (I mean it's hard to miss with it's bright yellow cover) so I thought I'd finally pick it up since it's also coming to the screen sometime soon. Again this is a YA novel celebrating young love, mix tapes and red heads. 

There's something about the style of writing that irritated me, or possibly because the way Eleanor is described reminds me of an annoying person and thus whenever she "speaks" she gets on my nerves. I was a big fan of Park though, he had a sick record collection and shares the same love as me for x-men, batman and The Smiths. I thought this book was cute and it does show that young love really can be possible and we can all relate to it on some level.


I haven't read an auto-biography in years, especially one by a reality TV star who probably just found another way to rake in the money. That being said I am a big fan of Geordie Shore and I know Charlotte is hilarious, so seeing as this was on offer I thought I'd pick it up and see if I could get a few laughs out of it, more than me wanting to know every intricate detail of her life. 

It was what it was, a light hearted, honest read where she opens up about everything from kissing boys, Gaz and his parsnip and of course life in the Geordie Shore house. It wasn't life changing, but it was something fun to read whilst laying by the pool with a mojito as no one will judge you for it.


I first read this book years ago after my then favourite Youtuber MacBarbie07 recommended it and it was probably my favourite book for ages. It's the first of four of the series which focuses on a group of girls living in Florida and follows them through all of their dramatic issues and love lives. 

I remember reading this and wishing my summer was like this, going to stay with my rich cousin in her massive house, meeting a cute guy at the airport and then finding he lives in that same town. I re-read this this summer and I fell in love with it again just because it reminded me of my time in Florida and made me feel 18 again, it's just a feel good book that makes you feel like you're in an episode of 90210. You'll also be able to match people from your friendship group to characters in the book which makes it an even more fun read.

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