Thursday 27 October 2016

It seems that all my deep and meaningful blog posts seem to stem from my sadness. Okay that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the times that I feel upset, angry or hurt are when most of my ideas seem to blossom. After having a bit of a breakdown tonight because of a combination of stress, grieving and anger towards the world, I finally calmed down, turned on some Lana Del Rey and opened up blogspot to create this post. Here's a list of things I've compiled that I think I need to remember once in a while, and for you guys to keep in mind too.

1. You can't control everything that happens in your life. I accidentally made a typo in that first sentence which read "lift" and sat laughing for about two minutes, so this post is already off to a cheerful start. On a serious note, we don't have a say in everything that happens around us, sometimes it's just down to fate, luck (or lack of it) and external factors that we can't change, so just enjoy the ride and just know there will be bumps in the road you'll be able to overcome. 

2. Cut out the f*ck boys (and girls). Seriously, life is too short to be someones 4am booty call or 5th option when everyone else is unavailable. They're usually not as great as they think they are, and that's usually the case because you let them believe it and put them on a pedestal. Who cares if they never text you back, or if you double texted, or if they made you seem "crazy" when you were actually reacting to their f*ck boy/girl actions like a very normal human being. Plus, how are you meant to find your perfect suitor if you're constantly fixating on these creatures?! 

3. Be ok knowing that people are always going to have it better than you. I definitely get envious when I'm taking a study break, go on Instagram to see some insanely hot model promoting tea on a beach in Cancun and know that's all she does for a living and why couldn't my life be that easy. As with everything just learn to be grateful with what you have in your life, and know that there are also tons of people who have it worse than you and envy your life just the same. This also brings me on to my next point...

4. Social Media is fake. I mean we all know this to an extent, but ever since I've been blogging I've learnt not to trust everything I read on Twitter or see on Instagram. Most people will put up the best parts of their lives and leave out everything that happens behind the scenes. We see this everyday and we shouldn't feel disheartened when we don't achieve the standards social media portray. #couplegoals #squadgoals #eyegoals #lifegoals 

5. Learn not to expect so much from people. People are human, and we all suck sometimes. You might be a 10/10 friend and might get mad when some of your friends don't act the way you expect them to or don't ask how your day went and so on, but you became friends with them in spite of that, in the same way you have your flaws they have theirs. No expectations, no let downs! 

6. Don't let your happiness depend on someone else. You are a strong independent person and don't need no side dish to complete you, remember that. 

7. Let go of trying to please everyone. You will drive yourself insane. It's ok to put yourself first sometimes and not try and be in 5 places at once or conforming to what other people think is best for you. 

8. Holding on to grudges is exhausting. Unless they killed your cat or something, it takes a lot more energy to hate someone or having to constantly make an effort to ignore them/make sure they know they made your life miserable. It's a lot easier to let things go and move on and you'll sleep better at night because of it. 

9. When people show you themselves, believe them. Learn to cut out draining and unhealthy relationships from your life, if someone is constantly dragging you down or isn't adding any positivity to your life why let them be a part of it? 

10. Stop stressing about money. Sure if you go out splurging every day that's not going to look good for your bank balance or fridge, but sometimes it's ok to ignore the price tag and go and enjoy a nice meal with friends. Similarly,how many 00s you're earning shouldn't matter, it should be how happy you are in the environment you're in.

11. The only opinion that matters is your own. At the end of the day most of the choices you make will mainly impact your life and your happiness. People nowadays love to criticise and tear people down for doing what then enjoy, or for posting too many selfies (they look good, so what?), or for actually having the guts to pursue their dreams/passions. If you want to be a YouTuber, Blogger, Musician or anything else for that matter, just go ahead and do it. There's always going to be people judging you whether you're doing something bad or good so you might as well do what you want, and if you happen to become successful doing what you love, then you're the one who'll be having the last laugh. 

12. Live in the present. Five year plans are pointless. As much as I'd love to say in 5 years I would have gone travelling, found my prince charming, got my own house and working in my dream job role, so many things can happen between now and then that could flip that completely. Instead of stressing about what you're going to have for dinner tomorrow or stressing about your deadlines coming up, learn to enjoy your life now and stop using it as "filler" time for milestones in your life.

I hope you guys have found this post at least slightly encouraging, I'd love to hear your tips and advice on what makes YOU happy. 

♡ GS ♡

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