Tuesday 1 November 2016

Over the past couple of decades, few popular television shows have been ignored by games developers. The Walking Dead, South Park, Game of Thrones and many other hit series have been given the gaming treatment, so today we thought we’d focus on the best online games based on your favourite TV shows.


Season 13 of The X Factor is already well underway, so I just had to include The X Factor Slot in this list. Well, that and it’s a fun, engaging progressive jackpot slot that’s sure to keep even the most Fair Weather Fans entertained. 

Created by Playtech, The X Factor Slot captures the atmosphere of the popular talent contest perfectly as it’s set within the notorious studio, includes a faithful soundtrack and even has X Factor finalists in the reels. The main bonus feature on this slot is activated when bonus icons appear on reels one, three and five. Once this is achieved, the player has to compete in a series of live shows and receive “yes” votes from the judges. The more “yes” you get, the more chance you have of winning the jackpot – it’s that easy. 

The official slot machine is hosted by the likes of where you’ll receive 20 free spins you can spend on The X Factor Slot just for registering, or at Virgin Games which offer a 200% welcome bonus.


If you prefer ITV's romantic reality TV shows then you'll be happy to know that Paddy McGuiness’s popular show Take Me Out has its very own bingo game. The Take Me Out Bingo game was launched by Gamesys and JackpotJoy back in February 2014, and has remained popular ever since. Whilst the bingo game consists of the usual 75 balls, there are a few features that are unique to the Take Me Out game. For instance, to win you must be the first player to call bingo on the heart-shaped pattern rather than when all your numbers come up.

In addition to this, the community jackpot is represented by 30 girls who are numbered from one to thirty. As the game goes on, lights in front of the girls will be switched off as their numbers come up. If you are left with more than 18 lights at the end of the game then everyone playing will be awarded a share of the community jackpot.


This one is my personal favourite. Don’t worry, I'm not about to share any of those leaked spoilers about the seventh season of Game of Thrones, but we will be introducing you to your new favourite strategy game. Game of Thrones Ascent is available for free on smartphones, tablets and Kongregate so you can play it at home or on the go, which you probably will considering it’s great.

In Game of Thrones Ascent, the player is cast as a minor lord and must use strategy to progress through the game. At first glance, this game may seem a little dull but with fantastic script writing, voice acting from the stars of the show and intricate details taken from the world of Westeros you’re sure to feel immersed right away. Whether you’re a fan of the show or enjoy flexing your strategic skills, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy Game of Thrones Ascent. 

So, whether you enjoy playing slots at bgo, online bingo or prefer challenging strategy games, you can now experience your favourite TV shows in a brand new, engaging way. I'd love to hear if you have any other personal favourites!

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