Wednesday 2 November 2016

So I've been blogging under the name of Tea With Gi for around a year and a half now, before I went by gianasbananas and obviously, blogged about fruit. In case you were ever wondering why I picked this for my blog name, I basically want you guys to enjoy reading my blog in the morning/afternoon/evening whilst you have a cuppa, which is when I mostly do my blog writing! I can't count the amount of times I've been asked if I blog specifically about tea, I've even had brands send me products and in the note include "we love reading all about different types of teas and cafes". The funniest had to be when I was emailed for a collaboration and the woman literally thought my name was Tea. In the spirit of that, I thought I'd actually make a blog post all about tea, here are 10 people on how to make the perfect cuppa. 

1. "It has to be Yorkshire tea, in a mug with a cat on it, a dash of milk and with a choc digestive on the side."

2. "English breakfast tea - don't ever put milk in before the water is in and DON'T take the tea bag out until the milk is in. Also why would you use a spoon in tea if you aren't going to stir the bloody tea? Also, you are NOT a southerner if you don't use PG tips. Making tea should be a required class in all english schools!"

3. "Firstly Americans are shit at making tea, that goes without saying. Never buy own brand tea, PG tips always. Black tea shouldn't be a thing, and coconut or almond milk do not belong in a cup of tea."

4. "Don't add a teabag, put coffee in instead."

5. "I feel like my teas are always hit and miss even though I make them EXACTLY the same each time. I'd say my perfect cup of tea is whenever my mum makes it." 

6. "I drink tea with 1/2 a tea spoon of sugar, it must be strong but milky. To make my perfect cuppa i use Yorkshire tea with fresh semi-skimmed milk not UHT or skimmed milk. Rookie mistake is when people make you a cuppa and add the milk before the sugar - that's a definite no no. Sometimes I would rather not have a cup of tea than someone making me a bad one. Oh dear god, I'm sounding like a proper tea snob."

7. "With me it's decaf tea and I like it to brew for a few minutes before adding the milk. My pet hate is when this guy at work offers to make mine and he stirs his coffee first and then uses the same spoon to stir my tea which then tastes awful. I've told him nicely but running out of excuses to politely decline his offers of a cuppa. Problem is he always accepts mine." 

8. "I think the perfect way to have a cup of tea, is by using the hot spoon to burn people's arms after." 

9. "First of all it has to be in a pretty mug, tea doesn't taste as nice when it's not your mug. 2 tablespoons of sugar to keep me going through the afternoon, 1/4 of milk to give it that nice tanned look, and leave the teabag in throughout the whole drinking process. I also suggest you drink this with some crackers and jam, whilst watching people tripping over compilations on Youtube." 

10. "I have a great selection of Disney mugs, so yeah that always makes my tea experience better, if I'm in the mood, I might whack on some A Whole New World too" 

♡ GS ♡

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