Thursday 19 January 2017

"What movie shall we watch tonight?" seems to be a frequent question on my Whatsapp groups, which is why I thought of compiling this blog post together so that myself and you guys will never be stuck on something to watch again. Obviously I'm not going to include every movie I've watched in my life on here, so I will start from today (Jan 2018) and keep updating it as I go watching.

film list


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Blended | 7 - It's always a funny film when Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore come together. 
We're The Millers | 8 - Hilarious, even after the third time.
Why Him? | 7.5 - I love anything James Franco does, and this was actually pretty funny.
The Edge of Seventeen | 8 - A great 'coming of age' movie that most of us can relate to. 
Knocked Up | 7 - It took me so long to watch this, but Seth Rogen is great in this. 
Sing | 7.5 - Got stuck watching this with my brother at Odeon, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Baywatch | 6.5 - Not the best movie plot, but there's a lot of shirtless Zac Efron. 
Little Evil | 7 - A film that makes fun of the horror movie stereotypes, laugh out loud. 
The Disaster Artist | 7 - A great watch for anyone who's seen The Room. 
Girls Trip | 7.5 - One of those movies you watch with your group and assign characters to each of you.
Happy Death Day | 6.5 - One of those repeating the same day movies that can get quite boring, but was alright.
Father Figures | 6.5 - Got stuck watching this in cinema as BP was sold out - provided a few laughs.
Going In Style | 7.5 - It's a cute movie with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine - do you need anything else?
The Night We Met | 6 - you'll laugh a few times, if you're hungover.
Wilson | 7 - kinda funny, but also one of those films that gets all deep and meaningful about life and leaves you feeling 'eh' at the end of it.
Book Club | 7 - I hope my 'love' life is that interesting when I'm in my 70s.
Happy Death Day 2 | 7 - this movie was a mix of genres actually cause there were parts that made us jump and that were slightly emotional.
Isn't It Romantic | - proves dating a hot guy is pointless if he's dull AF.
What Men Want | 7 - I think if I could read men's inner thoughts I'd never want to date one again.
Long Shot | 7.5  - Aw this was romantic and funny like a rom-com should be hey (I'd date Seth Rogen too).
The Hustle | 7 - This was making me laugh until it got to the 'pretending to be blind' bit and then I was like ooof - too far?
Good Boys | 8 - I laughed too hard at this, some of the jokes went a bit too far considering they're like 12 but overall I hadn't laughed that much during a movie in ages.
Love Wedding Repeat | 6 - I saw Sam Claflin was in it so had high expections, but alas I only laughed once. 


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Mystic River | 7 - Interesting plot, unpredictable. 
The Girl On The Train | 6.5 - eh, the book was better. 
The Next 3 Days | 7 - keeps your heart rate up throughout the whole movie. 
Chloe | 7 - weird, captivating, great cast. 
Split | 7 - good but the trailer gave away most of the good parts. 
A Cure For Wellness | 8 - very very strange but kept me interested throughout the whole movie, and also I am never touching tap water again. 
Lavender | 8 - had to scroll a while down on Netflix, but was a good underrated psychological thriller. 
Hush | 6.5 - more of a badass than I would be in a home invasion. 
The Forest | 7 - kept questioning myself whether the main guy was good or bad the whole time. 
No Escape | 7 - made me not want to visit Asia, unless it was with Owen Wilson.
47 Meters Down | 6 - assume this would have been better if we hadn't watched a shitty copy of it. 
Miss Meadows | 6.5 - quirky, weird, good to watch with your friends on a Saturday to laugh at. 
The Box | 6 - genuinely creepy, teaches you about morals and all that, gave me nightmares. 
You're Next | 7 - how well do you really know your siblings? 
The Invitation | 7 - always be cautious of what dinner parties to accept. 
Mother! | 5.5 - was confused the whole time, I felt like the movie was giving me anxiety and claustrophobia. 
Kidnap | 7.5 - feel like Halle Berry did a similar movie to this, but for a car chase movie it was still interesting to follow. 
Shelter | 7 - a movie that you have to pay attention to or you won't know what's going on.
Open House | 5 - don't listen to Netflix's recommendation to watch this.
Berlin Syndrome | 7 - don't take strawberries from hot strangers on the street when travelling.
Message from the King | 6.5 - watched this because it has the Black Panther dude, still can't believe he's 40.
Identity | 6.5 - it's always the most innocent looking one.
A Quiet Place | 7.5 - never has it been harder to open a packet of crisps at the cinema - nobody in this film spoke for 25 minutes.
Searching | 7 - did she learn nothing from Nev and Max about talking to strangers online?
A Simple Favour | 8 - Henry Golding's charm (and gorgeousness), Anna Kendrick's humour and Blake Lively's...everything made this movie, very Gone Girl-esque.
Dismissed | 6.5 - slightly cringey and predictable, but it was great to see Dylan Sprouse (Zack & Cody) acting again.
Escape Room (2017) | 6 - everyone in this movie was a moron.
Bad Match | 7 - this movie made me feel better about double texting, it could be a lot worse.
Bird Box | 8 - finally, my rowing skills would have come in handy for survival.
Nowhere | 7.5 - man this film had me so invested in hoping the people got caught/the girl was found, I punched the bed out of frustration.


Gone | 7 - this girl was fearless, who meets a man in the middle of a forest alone at night? 
Don't Breathe | 6 - they had it coming really. 
The Silence Of The Lambs | 8 - a great classic, can't believe it took me this long to watch it. 
The Ward | 7 - good twist, unpredictable. 
Before I Wake | 8 - started off scary and ended with me wiping away my tears. 
It Follows | 6 - feel like this movie was a metaphor for STIs?
IT | 8 - scary but the kids made it a bit more of a comedy.
Annabelle: Creation | 6 - the drunk couple at the cinema were probably more entertaining. 
Jigsaw | 7.5 - I can't remember what happened in the previous ones, but this didn't feel like a repetition.
Lights Out | 7 - I'm quite fond of Teresa Palmer, and this movie wasn't awful.
Get Out | 8 - spine tingling but also had its punch lines. 
Leatherface | 6.8 - I'm not a fan of gory films, but the storyline awarded it a slightly higher rating.
Hostel 2 | 7 - provided more of a storyline than the first one. Don't watch it with your parents if you're planning on going travelling.
Gothika | 8.5 - If someone is trying to tell you a demon is visiting them in their room at night, believe them.
Truth or Dare | 7 - always pick truth.
Hereditary | 7 - It started of quite eerie and then suddenly the whole cinema was laughing at any attempt of the movie trying to be scary.
The Slender Man | 5 - I've seen scarier people on the street.
The Nun | 6 - How many more Conjuring spin-offs are they going to make! What's next, Annabelle's stitching?
Halloween (2018) | 7 - My grandmother definitely wouldn't have lasted that long against a serial killer.
Malevolent | 6.5 - If you're pretending you can exorcise ghosts for money then eventually they're gonna get angry and want to kill you.
The Possession of Hannah Grace | 7 - I mean first of all, who signs up to take on a night shift alone in a morgue? (I did jump so hard at one point it looked like I was being exorcised).
Us | 8 - This was scary without any jump scares. Loved the uniqueness of the film and the ending had me like 'oh shitttttttt'
Pet Semetary | 7 - my cat Pixie must have come out of this cemetery, she was one evil b*tch.
Child's Play | 7.5 - maybe because I haven't seen the original Chucky movies so I can't compare, but I loved the comedic elements to it, meant I didn't have nightmares at night.
IT 2 | 7.5 - the perfect mix of horror, jump scares and funny one liners.
Black Christmas | 7 - a chick flick horror that relies on jump scares, but it's a fun one to watch with your friends on a Saturday night.
Midsommar | 6.5 - the first 40 minutes of this made the film loom promising, but then it just got really weird and kind of dragged.
Scary Stories To Tell in The Dark | 6.5 - don't watch this before bed if you don't want the weird monsters infiltrating your 'dreams' at night.
The Platform | 6.5 - the concept of the film was interesting and twisted and makes you think about humanity, and how everyone should be taking the amount of toilet roll they need. 


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500 Days of Summer | 8.5 - one of my favourite movies ever about love that's not a love story.
La La Land | 8 - surprisingly preferred the storyline to the soundtrack. 
Midnight In Paris | 7 - this film made me want to move to Paris, and I loved the plot and characters. 
About Time | 9 - rare 9 on this list, made me laugh and made me cry. 
50 Shades Darker | 7 - to this day I'm not sure where those metal balls are meant to go. 
Me Before You | 8 - book and movie just as good, great casting. 
Everything, Everything | 7 - cute but unrealistic, what teenager has the funds to spontaneously go to Hawaii? 
50 Shades Freed | 7.5 - felt like the ending was cut a bit short, not as good as the second, but better than the first.
Love, Simon | 8 - SooOooO cute, and where can I get orange flavoured Oreos from?
Mamma Mia 2 | 9 - you know I didn't really like the first one because I was 13 and probably didn't appreciate musicals, but this film had me smiling from ear to ear.
To All The Boys I've Loved Before | 8 - I am a sucker for a cheesy YA film, and falling for dreamy fictional characters who are probably too young for me.
Alex Strangelove | 7 - Love, Simon was better.
Crazy Rich Asians | 8 - I got more emotional at the wedding scene than I have at real life weddings.
Five Feet Apart | 7.5 - I feel like I spent so much time wiping away my tears with my top that I couldn't even concentrate on what was going on in the movie.
After | 7.5 - I mean it was a little cheesy and the fact that it's based on a Harry Styles fan-fic was hilarious, but every time Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) spoke he made me nervous god, where can I find one of him.
Let It Snow | 7 - I remember reading this YA book a few years ago and remembered snippets of it, but the movie was a very cute 'feel good' christmas film.


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Lovelace | 8 - made me hate men and the porn industry, 10/10 for the wardrobe choices.
Requiem For A Dream | 8 - trippy, graphic movie and will put you off doing drugs forever.
Candy | 7 - an indie movie about love & drugs with Heath Ledger.
Spotlight | 8 - a movie that makes you want to fight for justice.
Lion | 8 - inspiring, emotional and beautiful.
American Beauty | 8 - great movie but creepy in light of recent events.
Hidden Figures | 8.5 - made me wish I would have tried harder in psychics.
Hacksaw Ridge | 8 - don't usually like movies about the war, but this kept me interested throughout - maybe because of Andrew Garfield?
Mr Church | 7.5 - watched this on the plane, great chemistry between characters.
The Whistleblower | 9 - underrated Netflix film, gave me tears of anger (also based on a true story).
Walk The Line | 8 - great Johnny Cash bio-pic, Joaquin Phoenix is the man.
Goodbye Christopher Robin | 7 - don't take your kids to see this, Chris had quite the depressing childhood.
Wonder | 8.5 - great film for children and adults alike.
What Happened to Monday | 8 - Netflix original, loved it.
The Greatest Showman | 8.5 - if you need motivation to move in the morning, put on this soundtrack.
The Zookeeper's Wife | 8 - based on a true story, and was very very good.
3 Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri | 9 - amazing casting, witty, touching, was bursting for the toilet but didn't want to miss anything.
I, Tonya | 8 - Margot Robbie still looks incredible playing a redneck, made me want to finally use the Leisure Centre ice-skating rink again.
Mary Magdalene | 7 - Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute.
My Cousin Rachel | 7 -  I had higher hopes for this after reading the book and seeing the cast.
A Star Is Born | 8 - kind of film you watch on your sofa on a Sunday when it's raining and you're all cosy on your sofa and then next thing you know you're crying.
Bohemian Rhapsody | 9 - I sang, I cried, and then I listened to Queen for 2 hours.
Mary Queen of Scots | 7.5 - It seems men have always been intimidated by women in power, that aside for a 2 hour movie with a lot of talking I stayed switched on throughout.
The Dirt | 8 - these 'sex, drugs and rock n roll' movies always make you want to do all those things, until someone has an overdose and then suddenly the lifestyle doesn't seem so appealing.
Extremely Wicked | 6.5 - I expected more from this tbh in terms of seeing more of how he seduced his victims, but we did get 1 and a half hours of Zac Efron.
Yesterday | 8 - this was such a feel good film, I love Lily James and the British humour was on point.
Hustlers | 7 - that bit with Usher walking into the strip club whilst 'Love in This Club' was playing was ICONIC.
Joker | 8.5 - the acting was great, the storyline and character build was great, didn't give it a 9 because I had to watch yet another scene of Bruce Wayne's parents getting murdered in an alley.
Lost Girls | 6.5 - I understand the movie is based on a true story so can't exactly call it boring, but the script was just a bit..slow.
Marriage Story | 7.5 - deep, sad, realistic.


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Passengers7 - good but plot would have received a different response if Chris Pratt was ugly.
Kong: Skull Island7 - funnier than the original, and with hotter men.
Guardians of The Galaxy | 8 - funky, with a great soundtrack.
Wonder Woman | 8.5 - made me want to stop eating squashies at the cinema and do some high kicks.
Spider-Man: Home-Coming | 7.5 - cute, possibly better than the original.
The Commuter | 7 - like Murder on the Orient Express, but less talking and more fighting.
Black Panther | 8.5 - not just another marvel movie - great (eye candy) cast and a storyline that was more than just 'superhero needs to defeat the villain from destroying the world'.
Baby Driver | 8 - probably more music than words, also amazes me how someone can do clutch control that well.
Avengers: Infinity War | 8 - HOW convenient that there's always someone else behind the villain to save your ass.
Deadpool 2 | 8 - being 'lucky' is officially the super power I want to have.
Jurassic World 2 | 8 - I shed a tear when the Plesiosauras was left on the Island crying. Also Chris Pratt is the best Chris.
Ocean's 8 | 8 - I feel like every one of these movies should have been made with a female cast and robbing the Met Gala doesn't sound too difficult tbh.
The Meg | 7 - everyone in this movie was too brave for my liking, sorry but I am not risking my life swimming after someone who I've known for a minute WHEN THERE'S A HUGE ASS SHARK IN THERE.
Aquaman | 8 - probably the most entertaining DC movie in a long time, after Wonder Woman.
Glass | 7.5 - I might have to watch it again as I was too busy listening to the fight happening in the cinema, but from what I gathered there was an equal amount of thrill, action and comedic moments. 
Captain Marvel | 8 - I think I may have found my new favourite superhero, can kick ass and is funny.
Avengers: Infinity War | 9 - I don't think I've ever had a purer smile on my face than when all the superheroes started appearing for the last fight.
X-Men: Dark Phoenix | 6.5 - It just wasn't very exciting to be honest, Apocalypse was a lot better.
Men in Black: International | 7.5 - Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are such a good duo on camera, I enjoyed this.
Charlie's Angels | 8 - I actually really enjoyed this? left the movie feeling badass and like I wanted to go throw some high kicks.
Birds of Prey | 7.5 -  I liked that the Joker had no part in the movie, and relied on a group of females to kick ass. 


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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children | 7 - made me want to read the book too.
Dr Strange | 8 - first time I'd seen Benedict C act, and he didn't disappoint.
Fantastic Beasts | 8 - loved the costumes, loved the movie.
Moana | 8 - better than Frozen, always consider the coconut.
Beauty and The Beast | 8 - was lovely even in low quality.
Coco | 8.5 - shed a tear, laughed - you'll love this especially if you can speak Spanish.
A Wrinkle in Time | 7 - would have probably rated it higher if I hadn't gone to bed at 6am and was at the cinema at lunch time.
Teen Titans Go! To The Movies | 7.5 - obviously I didn't watch this on my own accord but because of my little bro. It did have some funny clips that were def tailored to the parents in the cinema.
Christopher Robin | 7 - this was really cute for the first 20 minutes, and then I couldn't get Eeyore's annoying voice out of my head.
The House with a Clock in it's Walls | 7.5 - I saw this with my brother after 5 hours sleep, so I may have dozed off for a couple of minutes but the concept was good and Jack Black has still got it.
Fantastic Beasts 2 | 7 - I preferred the first one, but Zoe Kravitz is a babe.
Dumbo | 7 - I think I liked it more than the Disney classic to be honest.
Aladdin | 8.5 - You can bet I chose to sit in the back row so I could dance and sing along. 


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