Sunday 9 April 2017

Hey guys, I apologise for my absence on the blog for the past two weeks, but if you've been following me on social media you might have seen I was off having the trip of a lifetime in Kerala, India with 29 other bloggers! There'll be lots more to come on the trip itself and I can't wait to share with you guys everything I've experienced and what I think you need to experience too. For now, I'd like to introduce you guys to the great people who I shared this trip with, who all know a thing or two about travelling. Hopefully their thoughts and experiences might spark some serious wanderlust for you! 

1. "I love Miami because it's colourful, crazy, fun and the city never sleeps. I love the beach life and it's sexy. It was also the most fun experience in my life as I was there in a college after doing my masters so I think that great memory also makes me love it" - Diana from Inviaggio Da Sola.

2. "Toulouse, calmer than Paris. rustic offerings from nature to its buildings. much friendlier bunch of people compared to Paris. and clear blue skies!" - Evelyn from Missy Blur Kit.

3. "I would say one of my favourite cities is Sydney, Australia. Fell in love with the history and the sights as well as the incredible night life." - Brent from The Good Things Guy.

4. "Ilulissat, Greenland - Ilulissat is a city in the north-central part of Greenland. It was just another fishing village, which in summer, when the polar ice melted, saw its bay fill with gigantic icebergs released by the world's most profitable glacier - Ilulissat Kangerlua. Icebergs have attracted the first explorers and trekkers of modern times and the beauty of the Ilulissat coast has invaded the world." - Carla from Viajar Entre Viagens.

Photo by Carla Mota

5. "Prague for sure, due to its historical heritage and czech beer!" - Petrus from Calatorul Digital.

6. "In Europe, Porto is my favorite city, there is good food, beautiful architecture and nature and the portugues people are so nice. I loved Porto so much that I went there for a 6 months university exchange and stayed for 4 years. But now I saw India, filled of nature and smiles. Kochi was a place that filled my heart with peace and joy. Its hard to explain because it is about feelings. But from now Kochi is a place that I will always remember and I want to go back there really soon." - Gisele from Viajar Pela Europa.

7. "Hanoi. Each street is a new discovery with new delights to be discovered as you trail around each corner. If you love fresh ingredients, you'll easily fall in love with Hanoi with the smells of Pho, herbs and coffee wafting through the streets. You'll never be bored. Street food is a joy and you can simply tuck in and watch the world go by for €1 or less. Be it day or night, the city has so much to offer in terms of exploration and culture. It's a city that's fun to get lost it but quickly turns into home!" - Una-Minh from Before My Mam Dies

8. "I love Rotorua, New Zealand because of its lakes, geysers, and culture." - Claire from First Time Travels.

9. "It's hard to pick just one city, but if I really have to reveal one to this blog's cool readers, I'd have to tell you: go to Belem do Pará! It's the port of the amazon, northern Brasil, where all the amazing fruits, artisanies, traditional medicine and other products from the Amazon forest come together. The Ver-O-Peso market is one of the largest in the world and you can just dive in with your mouth first! Also, in Belem there are many musical rhythms native to them, like Carimbó and Tecnobrega, don't miss the parties there, especially because the people from Belem are warm as the weather, receptive and so much fun! They love their tourists and will go far from their original plans to help you and make you feel welcome. Besides, from Belem you can buy a tour to go to the deep down amazon, take short trips to sandy beaches, to the Marajó island and other amazing and less touristy places in Brasil." - Livia from Eu Soua Toa

10. "My favourite city is my hometown Thessaloniki in north Greece. It is an old city with young heart. I am always enjoying the walks close to the sea and the great food." - Kostas from Runvel.

11. "Although it's really hard to point this one place in the world as a favourite one, I would say that in Europe that would be Reykjavik, Iceland. Definitely it's not the cheapest city to live in, but recently I'm fascinated about isolated, cold places. Reykjavik has this vibe, that attracts all artistic sould, it's cosy despite the temperatures and simply beautiful. And it's a perfect gateaway to see whole island and it's amazing nature." - Evi from Evi Travel

12. "Honolulu because it is an adventurers playground. It has countless hikes, beaches and hidden gems. It's perfect for sun-lovers like me with year round warm weather and water. Plus the surf is year-round. On top of all that is the aloha spirit that rings true throughout the community." - Jackson from Journey Era

13. "Cambodia for the friendly people, Siem Reap for the beauty of the temples and Phnom Penh for the rich history- including the khmer rouge and how tough and difficult their lives are but the people are extremely hardworking and determined." - Bernard from Bernard The Traveller. 

14. "So my favourite place would be Rottenest Island in Australia. It's just amazing. Reefs everywhere, I biked around it in a day, petting quokkas. Just feeling the breeze in my hair and biking around enjoying the views was great." - Nastja from Brownie On The Go.

15. "Paris because of all the historical places it has" - Indra from Dunia Indra.

16. "My favourite city has to be Kabul, because of its history, fighting spirit and lovely people." - Dipanshu from Dunia Dekho

17. "My favorite city is actually a tiny town called Vík í Mýrdal in south Iceland, its quiet, surrounded by mountains and during summer it's covered with purple lupin flowers. It's also close to the black beach and people is so friendly." - Francisco from Frank Coronado

18. "New York, because there you have the feeling that you can do everything and you can be anyone you fathom. New York is home to endless opportunities and a gathering of cultures and dreams that raised this city to what we know it today." - Victoria from The New Elegant

19. "I love Barcelona. The food, the people, the funky architecture, the enedless nightlife, the chilled out beaches. That city has truly got it all" - Dan from The New Travel.

20. "If there's a place in the world where you can feel the most mixed feelings, it would be Varanasi in India for sure.You have to be prepared, as it happen with some of the most authentic places in India. You would smell, feel, see and touch different things that you have never felt in your life. Your brain and soul have to be open and in a welcoming mood to experiment a rollercoaster of feelings, which would for sure make you feel about this city for the rest of your life." - Analucia from Viajar Para Vivir.  

21. "The first that jumps to mind is Barcelona. Close to the beach, beautiful buildings and it feels like there's a constant festival atmosphere. There always seems to be something going on, defintely going to live there at some point!" - Jordan from The Life of Jord

22. "If I can chose an island it will be Kauai (Hawaii). It's called the garden island because of its exuberant nature. Waterfalls, rivers, kms of white sand beaches, a small and green version of the Grand Canyon, whales, dolphins, colourful fish, etc. And the amazing Na Pali Coast with views from another world." - Francisco from Viajando Con Fran.

23. "Marrakech - chaotic, exotic, intoxicating!" - Annika from The Midnight Blue Elephant.

24. "My favourite city I travelled to is Budapest and the reason why it is on the top of my list is because it is perhaps one of the most interesting city I've been: the architecture is beautiful and I've been in awe the whole time I've been there! The food is also amazing, the flavor of their dishes is bold and truly makes an impression, and of course the history." - Evan from Pretty Wild World

I'd love to hear your favourite travel destinations to keep adding to my bucket list! For more travel inspiration make sure to check out their individual blogs. 


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