Tuesday, 2 May 2017

May has never been an exciting month, but we do get a nice bank holiday! For most of us it usually means exams, deadlines and stress. So I thought of doing this post in order to give myself the motivational kick in the butt to get on with my work, and a few more things I aspire to get done with my time. I hope May is good to all of you!

1. Finish all my assignments 24 hours before the deadline. I can't really do that with group work, but I'm aiming to have my dissertation done and printed by Monday, but if that seems a bit far fetched then I guess 24 hours before is still a good target. 

2. Be active everyday. Summer is almost amongst us, and I'm getting flabbier by the day so my goal is to move a little bit more. Even if that means walking to uni and back! 

3. Finish a book. I actually picked up a book from the train station waiting room (and left £1 I'm a good citizen) which didn't look awful. I'm trying to keep up with my reading goal for the year so I need to stay on track!

4. Lose 5lbs. So somehow during my trip to India, Amsterdam and Berlin I managed to shed 1.5kg, which I was amazed at considering I spent my time eating curry, nan, pizza and nachos! Must have been all that walking. Anyway it's taken me ages to shift a bit of weight so now I want to keep going so I can reach my goal weight. 

5. Take part in more twitter chats. I know this is great for engagement, but my head is usually all over the place so I forget when these take place. I've seen a couple of handy blog posts on twitter chat times so I'll be trying to take part in a few a week!

6. Stay up to date with all my tv shows. Cause I feel like my life is together when my tv show schedule is up to date. 

7. Write more beauty related posts. I only ever really use the beauty section in my blog for product reviews, so I'd like to expand it a bit more and include brand favourites etc. 

8. Stop buying food when I have food in the cupboard. I'll be leaving Bournemouth for good in June, so it's time to make use of everything I have in my fridge/cupboards before I buy new things! The same goes for perfumes, body lotions and lipsticks! 

9. Save money. Basically I'd like to get to the end of May with more than £1 in my bank account, which may be hard considering after my last deadline best believe I will be spending all my money on cocktails.

What are some of your goals for this month? Hope everyone has a good week! 



  1. Loving your goals, I definitely need to be more active, I think it's the only thing holding me back from losing a few pounds! And twitter chats are a must, whenever i do them I really see my engagement increase, plus they're a fun way of meeting new people!

    Love Izzy | http://www.adoseofchatter.com

    1. getting into exercise is a pain but once you take that first step the rest comes easy! G x

  2. Taking part in more twitter chats is something I want to do more of myself this month lovely so I'm completely with you on that and also eating from the cupboards instead of having "quick food". I can't wait to see more of your beauty related posts too babe. I'm more than certain that you'll complete all of your goals. πŸŒΈπŸ’—✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x
    www.AlishaValerie.com | www.twitter.com/AlishaValerie

  3. I really want to take part in more Twitter chats too! Staying active every day is a great goal - I don't manage it every day but I do try and walk places when I can!
    Amy xx

  4. Some great goals here, G! May is my birthday month so I will definitely be spending on celebrating, but other than that I have a goal to save a bit as well! Getting all your assignments done ahead of time is a very worthwhile goal too! Good luck!

    Abbey ❤️ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  5. Let me know now if you find any good twitter chats x

  6. Great goals!! Same as you I need to be more active haha xxxxxx


  7. It's always good to set goals, I really need to do this. This motivated and inspired me, thank you for that!

  8. Love your goals, we pretty much have the same goals. Good luck with them!

  9. I am so bad for buying food when I already have some in the cupboard, I need to add this to my list of goals too!

    Hayley | www.crueltyfreehayley.com x

  10. I love that one of your goals is to keep up with your TV shows! I always have a catch-up session once a week! Saving money and staying active are always two great goals too!

    Sian x

  11. I literally have all of the same goals as you with the exception of the assignments thankfully!! If you need motivation let me know and we can do it al together!

    Holly x

  12. Great goals! I'm with you on being more active. I really need to do something! It's the first time in my adult life I don't have a gym membership or anything. I also know what you mean about buying stuff when you already have stuff to use up! I need to get on top of that too. Have a great May x

  13. Lovely goals, I really need to finish my book this month too but I struggle to have enough time!

    Lauren x Huggled

  14. I love reading goal posts, they're such a wonderful insight into the blogger as a person. Probably my favourite kind of post!

    Thanks for sharing & good luck!

    Gemma | whatgemmadid.com

  15. Ending the month with more than £1 is definitely a goal I can relate to. Here's hoping you have a fabulous May and thrash all of your goals! Good luck.

  16. These are some great goals and most of them are pretty similiar to my own! Best of luck with all your assignments x

    Kayleigh Zara

  17. Good luck with your goals. Don't forget you are perfect right now too.

    I am also trying to be less wasteful with food so today I'm going to be making a big pot of soup with the veg that will go bad soon if I don't use it up. Good for my body, my budget and the planet haha.

    V <3

    1. thanks for the kind words! I feel you I always buy so much veg and it all ends up going off! x

  18. Hope you achieve these all, I also want to start joining in in more twitter chats!

  19. I love posts like this, setting goals is so important xxx

  20. I think it's great that you do a goals post to keep you on track. I really need to save money this month as I have been living the high life and doing lots of shopping, oops!

    Steph xx

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog | www.stephsworld.com


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