Tuesday 2 May 2017

May has never been an exciting month, but we do get a nice bank holiday! For most of us it usually means exams, deadlines and stress. So I thought of doing this post in order to give myself the motivational kick in the butt to get on with my work, and a few more things I aspire to get done with my time. I hope May is good to all of you!

1. Finish all my assignments 24 hours before the deadline. I can't really do that with group work, but I'm aiming to have my dissertation done and printed by Monday, but if that seems a bit far fetched then I guess 24 hours before is still a good target. 

2. Be active everyday. Summer is almost amongst us, and I'm getting flabbier by the day so my goal is to move a little bit more. Even if that means walking to uni and back! 

3. Finish a book. I actually picked up a book from the train station waiting room (and left £1 I'm a good citizen) which didn't look awful. I'm trying to keep up with my reading goal for the year so I need to stay on track!

4. Lose 5lbs. So somehow during my trip to India, Amsterdam and Berlin I managed to shed 1.5kg, which I was amazed at considering I spent my time eating curry, nan, pizza and nachos! Must have been all that walking. Anyway it's taken me ages to shift a bit of weight so now I want to keep going so I can reach my goal weight. 

5. Take part in more twitter chats. I know this is great for engagement, but my head is usually all over the place so I forget when these take place. I've seen a couple of handy blog posts on twitter chat times so I'll be trying to take part in a few a week!

6. Stay up to date with all my tv shows. Cause I feel like my life is together when my tv show schedule is up to date. 

7. Write more beauty related posts. I only ever really use the beauty section in my blog for product reviews, so I'd like to expand it a bit more and include brand favourites etc. 

8. Stop buying food when I have food in the cupboard. I'll be leaving Bournemouth for good in June, so it's time to make use of everything I have in my fridge/cupboards before I buy new things! The same goes for perfumes, body lotions and lipsticks! 

9. Save money. Basically I'd like to get to the end of May with more than £1 in my bank account, which may be hard considering after my last deadline best believe I will be spending all my money on cocktails.

What are some of your goals for this month? Hope everyone has a good week! 


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