Monday 29 May 2017

I love road trips, which considering I don't drive yet usually just means me taking over the AUX cable and stuffing my face with chicken nuggets whilst my friends do all the driving. I'm actually road tripping with one of my best friends this weekend who I haven't seen in month, and will be on the way to a festival so I'm very much looking forward to it! As obvious as some of these points may sound, these are just a few things I think make up a great road trip, and also avoiding breakdowns and other disasters by making sure your car is running correctly and what to do if your car needs any services. 

road trip

1. Make a great playlist. 

You've all seen the American movies where everyones seems to be having the time of their lives in a convertible car waving their arms in the air and listening to some sick tunes. A good playlist can make a long journey bearable and some throwbacks are always great. If you have Spotify, I recommend syncing your playlist offline so you can leave your phone on airplane mode and save battery!

2. Bring snacks. 

If you're not planning on making any stops or not sure how far the next McDonalds drive through is, then snacks are always a must! I recommend mini sausage rolls and haribo starmix, cause who doesn't love haribo starmix?

3. Know your route. 

Obvious, but the last thing you want is for your Sat-Nav, or google maps to stop working half way through the trip. Depending on the distance, it's always good to have your directions printed out and have the route more or less sussed out, especially if you're pressed for time!

4. Try taking the road less travelled. 

If you're not in any rush, then taking the scenic view can make the trip more enjoyable! I'd really like to do route 66 and I've heard driving through California is meant to be quite beautiful. Once I (hopefully) get my license this year I'm looking forward to road tripping around Spain!

5. Have your destination pre-booked. 

If you're road tripping through different towns, cities or even states then It's always best to have your destination hotel/hostel booked. I know in the movies it all seems fine and dandy to rock up somewhere and try booking a room, but the last thing you want is to arrive somewhere at midnight exhausted and find out there are no vacancies. Plus you'll save money too!

6. Make sure your car battery is healthy! 

Last but not least, you can't go anywhere if your car isn't running properly! and the last thing you want is to breakdown in the middle of your jam out to Wonderwall. With more and more cars relying on electronic systems it's important that this is managed. Making sure your car battery is healthy will avoid your system voltage dropping and causing other issues, and making sure your car has a long life span. Ossett Tyre House offer a range of car services and batteries that can be booked online through their site. They supply cheap car batteries that fit all makes and models and can also offer batteries for scooters, motorbikes or caravans. By having your car in top top condition it means that your sat nav, mobile phone chargers and players will also be safe for your journey!

Are you guys heading on a road trip soon? I'd love to know what some of your favourite songs are from when you're on the road! 

* this post was written in collaboration with Ossett Tyre House but all opinions are my own *


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