Thursday 18 May 2017

If you regularly pop into Topshop, then I'm sure you've all heard of this brand, with their colourful and quirky packaging they're hard to miss. I was kindly sent a few products by Anatomicals to try and I have no complaints, which is why these products have officially made it into my spring skincare routine. I always find it so much easier to keep a regime up when all the products are from the same brand, as they're all staring me in the face when I'm in the bathroom, and with this colourful lot I haven't failed yet! Keep reading to find out my thoughts on the products.  

anatomicals skincare
Anatomicals are a cruelty-free brand who provide hair, body and face products that are paraben free and they pride themselves of only wanting 'you for your body'. Their products are quirky yet simple, there's no crazy ingredients in them. Their products are also very affordable so you can get a whole skincare range for under £15.

Face Wash

What I love about this facewash is that it creates more of a soapy lather than 'scrub' which means my skin does not end up red and irritated after (I have very sensitive skin). The product smells pretty similar to the Simple range which is all good with me because I used to use simple when I was younger and had no problems with it.

Daily Cleansing Pads

I use these to take my make-up off in the evening and find they don't irritate my eyes or skin. I've used other cleansing pads before that really made my skin sting so I thought I would have the same problem with these but they're fab.

Daily Moisturiser

I apply this every morning and sometimes top up in the afternoon if I'm not wearing foundation. It's pretty light so my face never ends up looking oily just has that natural highlight. It also makes a good base before applying my foundation so that I don't get any streaks and my skin doesn't dry out throughout the day. It also contains SPF15 and co-enzyme Q10 so it protects you from the sun and fights wrinkles at the same time. 

As mentioned my skin can be pretty problematic which is why I tend to prefer brands that aren't too crazy and have over 20 ingredients in them. I've had no problems with this brand and find my skin is reacting great to it. No blemishes for now!

Have you ever tried Anatomicals? 
What products are currently in your spring skincare routine?

*these products were sent to review but all views and opinions are always 100% honest.

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