Sunday 4 June 2017

Hi guys! I kind of feel like May feels ages ago already, I can't believe it's been three weeks since I finished university and in a weeks time I'll be back in Gibraltar for good (kinda). I've got to try some great products last month which I wanted to share with you guys, as well as what I've been up to and some of my favourite things from the month! 

may favourites


I've been wanting to try a shampoo bar as I think they're so perfect for travelling and saving space and liquid allowance in your hand luggage! I was a bit skeptical at first as to whether they actually create enough of a lather to provide a useful shampoo but I was pleasantly surprised. I'm currently using the Amphora Aromatics shampoo bar which comes with rose, frankincense and organ oil and is suitable for all hair types.  It provides a natural effective clean without stripping protective oils so leaves your hair feeling more vibrant and 'lively. The 'botanical boost' shampoo bar acts as a natural tonic which stimulates hair growth and calms the skin, and who doesn't love their hair smelling like roses?

Anyone who knows me or has had the misfortune of having to brush my hair knows it's always a tangly mess and somehow the same knot always appears in the back of my hair, I'll be cutting my hair short next week so hopefully this will no longer be a problem. Any who, I got sent a gorgeous detangling hairbrush from Tangle Angel which has probably been a lifesaver, I can actually run my fingers through my hair now! As good as the regular tangle teezers I prefer that these actually have a handle so it makes brushing out knots a lot easier. 


I have been obsessed with Acai bowls lately, the woman at uni even knows my order because I used to get  one twice a week before class. Ama-Vida's acai and dragonfruit smoothie packs are heavenly and this was actually my first time trying dragonfruit and was pleasantly surprised. For those of you who haven't heard of Acai it's a superfood and has many health benefits such as promoting skin health and helps with digestion. You simply throw a pack in the blender and add some coconut water etc. if you'd like. I usually top mine with flax and chia seeds, bananas and strawberries yum!

I was also sent a couple of Collagen + Beauty Milk shakes to try, and the whole concept is to target beauty from within. It contains essential vitamins, potent antioxidants and hunger fighting protein. I've been drinking these in the afternoon and to me they just taste like the Puleva strawberry milk! (if you've been to Spain you probably know what I mean). As for results, I assume you'd have to take these daily to see a difference, but it's just one of those things that you know it's helping your body even though you can't physically see it straight away.


I know this show came out in April, but I had to tackle my dissertation before it was acceptable to binge watch a new show on Netflix. I'm sure most of you have already watched 13 Reasons Why and are already looking forward to season 2 (in 2018 cries). I didn't think it was a great show, I think it's something that I would have enjoyed/related to more when I was a teenager but I still think for a lot of people they can still relate to certain aspects of the show and you sort of just get attached to the characters and their stories, apart from Clay Jenses you are annoying. #TeamZack

Riverdale has also been high on my list and I'm sad I won't get my weekly dose of Archie now until season 2. Again I think this is now a TV show for the next generation of teenagers and half of their problems seem irrelevant but I still like tuning in to see what the gang is up to. If you need a reason to watch this, Cole Sprouse from the Sweet life of Zack and Cody is in it.  


This month was dedicated to playing Harry Styles' debut album and hopefully I will have this beautiful masterpiece on vinyl soon. I fear my Harry Styles obsession is resurfacing after watching all of his videos on James Corden. I feel like this is the kind of music he's always wanted to create and along with Niall I think they're both doing great for themselves, sorry Liam your track was a flop. Kiwi is probably one of my favourites on the album!


I guess my highlights from the month are handing in my dissertation, and finally finishing my 4 years at uni and now worrying what I'm going to do with the rest of my life, at least I've made some goals here. What better way to finish of the year than a music festival? Bournemouth 7's is a sports and music festival that takes place over two days in May and even though I'm not one for watching rugby, I did get to see Arsenal win the FA Cup and had some great mac n cheese. 

I also spent a day at Marwell Zoo with my best friend Zotalks which considering we're both very random and weird people, provided for a very entertaining afternoon consisting of us giving the animals names and who they looked like out of our friendship group #mature. I hadn't been to a zoo in years and I definitely don't think it's just something for the kids to enjoy. There's picnic areas and there were animals there I hadn't even heard of! I love how they run a charity for leading conservation projects in the UK and Africa. I was a tad scared about being that close to a tiger though after what happened in Hamerton Zoo, I just wish life was like the Lion King and we could all hug tigers and not you know, die. 

What have you guys got up to in May? I'd love to hear some of your favourites from the month! 

* this post contains PR samples but all opinions are my own *

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