Monday 24 July 2017

I remember being 16 and watching endless videos on Youtube on 'what's in my beach bag' as I was a curious soul. Now that we're half way through the summer I thought I'd write a post on what comes with me to the beach. Living in a hot country means I head to the beach 3-4 times a week either in Gibraltar or Spain, and these are some of my essentials. 

pool essentials


I got gifted these beautiful Versace sunglasses from and having always used sunglasses from high street brands, I was amazed to see how clear and great they are at blocking the sun. I never bought designer glasses before because I have a habit of accidentally sitting on my sunglasses, but I am taking extra care of these and will take them to the pool but opt for my inexpensive ones for the beach or festivals. I love the design and wearing them makes me feel like a Kardashian and like someone who has their sh*t together. 

versace sunglasses

A Good Book

This summer I haven't actually read the usual 'summer YA reads' and have been trying to read more classics. I've just got through reading Hemingway's A Farewell To Arms and even though it has a lot of quotable writing, I found it to be a bit cheesy and confusing because there were about 100 Italian names mentioned throughout the book. There were parts that I liked and at times it is very witty. I'm on the hunt for something new to read so if anyone has any recommendations please leave them in the comments below! 


Tanning Oil

I've got Mediterranean skin so I usually start off with a factor 20 cream and then gradually move to tanning oil (although my face still doesn't tan). I'm currently using brand-owns from Spain but Banana boat and Hawaiian Tropic are also some of my favourites. 

High-Factor Face Cream 

I've noticed I'm getting some dark pigmentation above my lip from the sun, despite the fact my face is always white and I wear a factor 15 moisturiser throughout the year. I'm now using a factor 50 anti-ageing face cream to prevent this further and of course to keep my face as youthful as possible, although it would be nice if my face matched my body's colour!

What are some of your summer essentials?

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