Friday 17 November 2017

It's been quite a while since I wrote a blogging related post on my blog. The last one centred around what blogging means to me (and what it doesn't) and the one before that shared with you guys what I'd learnt in 2 years of blogging. This time round I thought I'd write about something which I'm sure most bloggers can relate to, how blogging is not just one task and is not just writing something down and posting it (unless your blog is purely your diary, if it were mine I wouldn't want anyone reading it.) So without further or do, here are 5 skills that blogging has taught me. 

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1. Digital 411

My university offered a 'digital marketing' unit in final year which I now wish I would have taken so I'd have some academic background for this too. However being a blogger means you basically have to become a pro at SEO, web design, content creation and social media marketing, photoshop and creating media kits and all that jazz. It's opened up new doors and makes me feel like a bit of a nerd that I know the colour codes for black and white. That being said, don't ask me to hack any computer or create a website with coding from scratch because I'm still not at Dexter's Laboratory level (yet). 

2. That women truly are better at multi-tasking.

This isn't be being sexist, it's 'proven' that women are meant to be better at multi-tasking and men are supposedly better with spatial awareness, which I can agree with because I am always bumping into things. I know there are many great male bloggers out there, but seeing as I am a woman I'm speaking from my point of view. I currently work a 9-5 job, and still have to find time to blog, post on social media, interact, create content and connect with brands (and have somewhat of a social life). I guess this could have been titled 'great time management' instead, so go put that on your CV guys! 

3. How to be a social and confident butterfly.

The first time I went to a bloggers event I felt like standing in one corner with my friend and a drink in my hand. The blogging community is so friendly and supportive and now I feel like at an event I can go strike up a conversation with anyone. Furthermore, I've had to meet with brands and act all business womanish and stuff, which makes me feel like I'm in an episode of Gossip Girl or something but it's a great feeling to be able to work with people who respect you and your work and it's helped me develop my confidence when it comes to business related chats. 

4. Photography (ish).

Some of my blogging friends are killing it with their blog photography! Up until like a month ago, I was relying on my iphone 6 for my imagery and some of them were a bit, eh. I luckily got given a Olympus Pen E-PL8 for my graduation and I am the proud owner of an iPhone 8 plus which has seriously upped my photography game (that portrait mode is great for everything!) I still have a lot to learn but when travelling I now have a lot more appreciation for architecture and the beauty of a city. 

5.How to be my own boss.

The dream would be to be able to blog full-time, but alas we're in quite a saturated industry and whilst there's room for all of us it's getting increasingly harder to break through and stand out in front of all the big bloggers with fake followers. However hard work does pay off and I have been given some amazing opportunities through my blog. Running a blog (your brand) is hard work, it requires time dedicated to taking/editing photos, waking up early to get the best natural light, engaging with your audience, SEO optimisation, financing, negotiating, and it has also encourages lots of bloggers to run a side hustle too. Even though it's hard work, if you enjoy it it's all worth it! 

I hope you guys have been able to relate to this post! What are some of the skills you have learnt in your time blogging? 


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