Wednesday 1 November 2017

Bringing positivity into our lives is so simple, yet so hard to do in practice for some of us. I'd like to think I'm a glass half full person at times, but there are some situations in life that it's hard to see differently. Last year I wrote a post about taking care of yourself at University, now here's one about just feeling like an all round good, happy person. 


1. Write out your thoughts. 

I'm not saying everyone has to go start a blog, a £1 notebook from pound land will do. I keep a journal which I only really write in when I'm travelling or feeling low, so it will be a pretty depressing read if anyone ever finds it. I'm trying to get into the habit of writing one good thing that's happened in the day before bed, it will stop us overthinking the bad things when we're trying to sleep! 

2. Get your hands dirty. 

Creativity is great for the mind, and as a generation who are fixated with screens and typing it's refreshing and calming to actually do something with your hands. Plant some flowers, paint, write poetry or a song about your ex and get those creative juices flowing. 

3. Be around different people. 

You might have the most fabulous group of friends, but if you only hang out with the same people chances are your conversations are quite limited. Surrounding yourself with different and inspiring people from time to time not only makes you grow as a person but probably will come with some great memories too. 

4. Get inspired.

All I have to do to get motivated for work is log into LinkedIn and read one of Richard Branson's articles/posts and I feel like I can conquer the world. If you're feeling glum or like you've hit rock bottom read some inspirational quotes or books. When I'm in a blogging slump I always turn to accounts that motivate me and get me back on track (and make me remember why I started blogging).

5. Find an empty beach, and lie in it.

It might take you 13 beaches to find one empty (ha, Lana) but just sitting on an empty beach can give you some great clarity and space to think, literally. Or if your friend is also looking for the same thing, have them tag along and throw a few Yoga poses in there.

6. Practice the law of attraction.

The LoA basically focuses on the basis that whatever energy you put out into the world, is what you're going to get right back. So if you wake up in the morning and think 'today is going to suck' it probably will. Whereas if you wake up pumped, grateful and feeling your best you're probably set for the day. If you think a task is too big for you, your doubt will probably make it so, whereas if you think you're gonna boss that HIIT class, you'll be doing press ups until your arms fall off. 

7. Show some appreciation. 

Sometimes I get in such negative/low moods that it shows in my mannerisms with people. I've never been great at showing gratitude with people in my close circle, even though I really appreciate when someone brings me home a pomegranate because they know I'm obsessed or take a minute out of their day to support my work. Getting into the habit of showing gratitude and even complimenting other people will make both them feel a little bit better that day, and you in turn of that.  

8. Have goals (and rewards).

If I feel like I'm not working towards anything, I feel unfulfilled and like I'm just existing and not living. Having goals keeps you exciting for things and gives you a sense of purpose, that being said it's always important to look at what you've already achieved and all those little accomplishments in life. 

9. Avoid negative experiences.

This might be social media platforms, social events or 'hobbies'. If you don't enjoy something or someone's company, don't do it. I never get why parents put their kids in after school activities they don't enjoy, in the same way if you're doing something just because you feel you owe it to someone (compromiso) but it's making you unhappy, then quit. 

10. Sleep. 

If all else fails and you still feel like you want to listen to The Smiths and cry in your room, a good nights sleep or nap should do the trick. I mean you can't be sad when you're asleep. 

Sometimes it's easy to get into a slump and can't help but feeling low/unmotivated in life. If you feel like this is something beyond your control then there are places where you can seek online therapy. I hope you guys have found this post useful and I'd love to hear what some of your self care/positive habits are!



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