Thursday 4 January 2018

On my last post, I focused mainly on things we could all do in 2018 to better ourselves and the world we live in, but now it's time to focus on my own personal goals for the year. Mainly because by posting this I can be held accountable at the end of the year as I will have this in writing to look back on. This is probably going to be a list I keep adding to throughout the year as things motivate me and change, and hopefully by 31st December I can manage to strike everything out. Some of these are to be taken more serious than others. 

2018 goals
1. Get my driving license
2. Step in a new continent
3. Save £3000
4. Be fluent in french by finding my a-level books I never returned
5. Get abs
6. Reach 10K on Twitter
7. Reach 5K on Instagram
8. Get a new tattoo
9. Finish the last season of One Tree Hill (that I never finished 6 years ago)
10. Reach 250K blog views
11. Plan an event
12. Visit 5 new cities in Spain
13. Work with one of my favourite brands
14. Meet up with the Archie girls
15. Watch all of the Star Wars movies
16. Date a Zac Efron look a like
17. Consume dairy once a week
18.  Read 24 books (2 a month)
19. Pick up guitar again - but this means I will have to stop getting my nails done and idk if I can commit to that 
20. Cry less, cause I am a cry baby

What are some of the things on your 2018 bucketlist?


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