Wednesday 14 March 2018

It's normal that every year certain places around the world become popular as tourist destinations and because of the power of social media, influencers and word of mouth, everyone makes it their number 1 priority to visit Thailand, Dubai, Iceland or go to Glastonbury before these places are seen like 'old news'. For me, some of my favourite and most memorable trips have been an hour away from where I live or the first time I stayed in a youth hostel in Amsterdam (maybe for the wrong reasons).  I mean I wouldn't say no to staying in a 5 star resort in Barbados, as long as I was in good company and with good food. The great thing about travelling is that you don't need to earn a 6 figure pay check to do it, because at the end of the day you could grab five of your best friends and get on a plane to Bratislava and have a whale of a time. I decided to take a walk down memory lane to reminisce on what some of my most memorable trips have been.


India, 2017

Around this time last year I spent 16 days travelling around Kerala with 29 other bloggers on a trip of a lifetime and for me it was my first time in the Asian continent so it was a trip of many firsts. I slept on an overnight train, ate without cutlery from a banana leaf (I wasn't the neatest, glad I wasn't on a date), spent nights dancing with the locals around a bonfire, and got to experience this with a complete group of strangers who then became friends and who provided me with laughs, great stories and in some cases, a future place to stay! I'd like to dedicate this post to Evelyn, an amazing woman who was always willing to share her snacks with me and always had a smile on her face, no matter the situation. rest in peace my love.


New York, 2015

Now I know New York isn't on the cheap side, but compared to other states the flights here aren't too bad. I mean I was flying from Orlando at the time so my flight and airbnb was a grand total of £150 for 4 nights in April. Like most people, I'd been dreaming of visiting New York since watching, every movie based in New York basically. I must admit before visiting I thought it was going to be majorly overrated, but then I got there and got why it was so popular. I'd been binge watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S for the first time EVER before going and so of course we went to visit the block, ate cheesecake at Junior's, felt like I'd been transported back to 1950's Hollywood when walking through Chelsea, and fell in love with Coney Island. I sometimes day dream about owning a micro apartment here and blogging by the window whilst people watching. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise, 2011

This is the first and only cruise I've ever gone on, and it was SO MUCH FUN. I was 16 at the time so I was in my element in the teen club. I remember we barely saw my dad as we spent 70% of our time hanging out with the friends me and my sister had made on the cruise. Admittedly the travel aspect wasn't the best as cruise stops are always a bit rushed and you're just tired, sweaty and power walking everywhere most of the time. Although it's still one of my holiday highlights because of all the hilarious things that happened and the people we met. 

royal caribbean

Disneyland Paris, 2003

This was actually the second time I had visited the park but all I remember from 4 year old me going is that Snow White was a rude cow. I went here for my 9th birthday with my mum and my sister and everything that could have gone wrong the first day went wrong. Our flight was delayed so we missed the last coach transfer to the hotels in the park, they double booked our room so we had to stay in another one overnight AND they added pickles to my McDonalds burger when I specifically said no pickles. Because of this, the hotel gave us unlimited fast passes, breakfast in the park and lunch with the characters for my birthday - so 9 year old Giana left very happy. 

On a final note, if you are visiting Thailand, Dubai, Iceland or going to Glastonbury I'm sure you are going to have a great time, please bring me a postcard for my wall and tell me about something that made you laugh on your trip. No matter if you're a budget or luxury traveller, the best trips are always those filled with fun experiences, doing it like the locals and when in good company. If this post has sparked your wanderlust it's still not too late to book your summer holiday, it might be worth taking a look at these last minute deals from Holiday Gems

Do you remember your most memorable holiday? and remember guys, memorable doesn't always have to mean greatest! I'd love to hear some holidays gone wrong in the comments too!


* this post was written as part of a campaign with Holiday Gems but all words are my own *


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