Monday 20 August 2018

I just want to start this post by saying I am not a morning person. The only reason I don't rise at 11am is because I have a job and alas we all know those don't start that late sadly. However, working 9-5 means you get in to a routine of going to bed at a certain time and waking up at the same time each day, so even on the weekends I find myself rising by 10am (unless I've had a wild one the night before and got home at 5am). You do feel like you get a lot more out of your day when you rise earlier because it means that you can get all your priorities out of the way and spend the rest of the afternoon binge watching Orange Is The New Black without any guilt.


Now you're not going to be waking up all happy and full of positivity if you had a bad night sleep or was up until 4am scrolling through Instagram. So obviously the first step is go to sleep at a reasonable time. On weekdays my bedtime falls between 12:30am - 1am depending how exciting my evening has been, and then 1am-2am on the weekends. I go to the gym in the evenings and have been taking Herbalife 24 Restore before going to bed. It helps maximise rest by helping maintain the normal function of the immune system during and after physical exercise. The key ingredients include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and Lactium. The combination helps to protect the body from oxidative stress. Once you're up and ready to face the day, here are 12 things to get done before 12pm.

1. Make your bed. Literally takes 2 minutes and will set you up for the day and you're more likely to be more productive and feel more put together for the day.

2.  Have breakfast. An obvious one, but 8 out of 10 times I'd rather stay in bed an extra 15 minutes than get up and make myself a bowl of porridge. So I guess this also means waking up earlier. Depending on the day I sometimes don't have the stomach for anything too heavy so prefer a liquid breakfast. Whether it's a smoothie or the Herbalife Formula 1 that will probably give me more nutrients than whatever I whip up in the blender. Each serving provides 221 calories, 18g of protein and essential minerals and nutrients. I don't use this for weight loss but rather as a way to start the day with something tasty (who doesn't like milkshakes?) and a way to get a good amount of protein in with my breakfast. It also means that if I want to have something on the side there's also room for an omelette du fromage too! 

3. Drink two glasses of water. Once I've eaten this is usually doable, but drinking water first thing in the morning makes me feel like there's a pool forming in my stomach. Drinking constantly will also keep you full until lunch time.

4. Make a to-do list for the day. One way that I am very much a virgo is that I love my lists and tables. I keep everything in a diary and a calendar, and then when I get to work write out everything I need to get done at work and in my personal life today. Checking things off makes you feel more productive, although I don't take it as far as listing 'take a shower' because hopefully that should be happening anyway. For those of you who are studying, I wrote a post all about keeping organised at university too. 

5. Read a chapter. Whether it's a book, a reading assigment or a test you're studying for. I always say I'm gonna have time later in the day to do it but then sometimes spontaneous plans happen and there's not enough time in the day. So it's best to just get it out of the way early, and anything you manage later is extra!

6. Reply to/send emails. I wake up to about 20 spam emails, 10 online shopping deals and 2 blogging emails. So this should be a quick one and makes me feel all professional and like I have my shit together when I have no unread emails. 

7. Do the tasks you've been putting off first. Like making an appointment, or writing an awkward email. It's best to tackle things head on than putting it to the back of your mind because then it will always be lurking on you. 

8. Spend 10-20 minutes doing yoga. I spoke to Yoga teacher Zoe recently all about the benefits of Yoga and even doing a sequence of sun salutations in the morning won't take you more than 10 minutes, so you could even do this before going to work.  

9. Schedule tweets for the day. This is something I kept up for a week, but it just felt a little bit spammy if I didn't tweet much that day on my teawithgi account. 

10. Plan meals for the day. I can't do this on a weekly basis because I go with what I fancy on the day, guess who still has 2 jars of pesto and 3 cans of tuna because I still haven't fancied eating them? 

11. Head to the gym. Assuming this is on a weekend, because I do not have the motivation to and lift weights at 6am when I can't even keep my eyes open. Once I've had my breakfast and done half the things on this list then I feel like I can go clear my mind at the gym and have the energy to have a good workout. 

12. Get any errands done. If you've left the house to go to the gym you might as well go do things that require being outside. Buy your groceries, go buy birthday presents you need to buy, go pay the insurance and just get everything out of the way. All that's left to do now is eat, chill and see your pals! 

What do you like to get done first thing in the day? Do you see yourself as a morning person or do you work better in the afternoon?


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