Wednesday 1 August 2018

When I first thought of E-Fit, I thought it meant I was either going to be strapped up like 50 Cent in his In Da Club video or that I was going to be receiving little electric shocks all over my body through a machine - luckily my experience was neither of those things and a lot more pleasant. If you're a frequent reader of my blog then you know that I'm a fan of trying new fitness and nutrition things and when I was invited along to try the new E-Fit Studio here in Gibraltar introduced by JMB Transformations, I was very intrigued and curious. I got to try first hand their cardio machine, their full body machine and also had an exclusive try of their back pain heated treatment, which came in very handy as I'd hurt my lower back doing single leg deadlifts the day before, oops. Here's the low down on what exactly E-Fit is, as well as my experience with it.

e-fit gibraltar

What is E-Fit? 

E-Fit uses a machine with electrodes to make you feel like you've done a week worth of workouts in one. You're given a set of leggings and a long sleeved shirt to wear and then depending on what machine you're using, get given a suit with pads on it that will transfer the electrodes into your muscles. If you've ever wanted to feel like Black Widow then now is your chance because you look like you're there to kick ass in this suit. Before we get any further, it doesn't hurt.  The machine allows you to adjust the impulse depth, frequency and intensity depending on your personal needs and your body type, age, gender and level of fitness. Unlike your regular workouts, this machine gives you over 36,000 muscle contractions during your workout so you know you're going to feel the after effects and that you're going to maximise your results. 

The good thing about this is that each workout is tailored to you specifically, it's not a one size fits all kind of thing. Your trainer will ask you what your goals are and then will modify the workout depending on what they are. Whether you're looking to burn fat, build muscle, tone up, get abs or even target cellulite these electro-fitness machines can do that.

e-fit gibraltar

My experience at the E-Fit studio. 

I go to the gym 4-5 times a week so I'd say I am relatively fit, I mean I probably can't run a marathon yet but we're getting there. Even though the E-Fit sessions are a lot shorter than my usual workouts, I was sweating just as much or if not more than I would be at the gym. On my first session I went for the full body workout (Whole Body EMS Medical Device), which comprises of a 5 minute warm up, 15 minute workout (this part can be tailored to your needs depending on what areas you want to work on - for me it's always about growing the booty so she incorporated more squats and glute exercises), followed by an ab circuit and then finally you get to lay down on the mat for a nice relaxing massage using the machine. Once you're connected, your E-Fit trainer will go turning up the impulse until you're comfortable and then go raising the impulse on individual areas - it definitely wasn't easy throwing punches whilst my arms were 'vibrating' so I knew double the amount of work was going in. 

The cardio session was somewhat easier in that you control the machine yourself, and you obviously decide how fast you want to go on the cross-trainer/bicycle. The machine will do the work for you, but obviously if you put in the effort to you're going to see even better results. Out of both I think I preferred the full body device as it's more versatile and you really feel it where you want to feel it. I woke up two days later feeling like I'd been hit by a bus (in a good way). 

The great thing about the E-Fit studio here is that you don't need to fuss about with a gym bag or anything and can have your session done in your lunch hour. It's conveniently placed in the middle of Main Street, they have a shower and provide you with towels and even a protein shake if you don't have time to grab your lunch before heading back to work.

e-fit gibraltar

Try it for yourself. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have spotted some of my photos/videos from my session on my story. I had a couple of people slide into my DMs asking what E-Fit was and I told them, watch this space for my post! The studio currently has an August offer where you can buy a bundle of 8 cardio sessions for £109. If you'd rather test it out first, then there are no contracts so you could go per session and pay £25. Or if you'd just like to pop in for a trial they are offering this for £9.99. More information on their prices and offers can be found on their Facebook page. 

Of course, since this is a collaboration and I don't write about anything that I wouldn't use myself, we've got a deal on for you guys were you can get 10% off their membership saver package which usually retails at £50. This includes membership, training kit and a loyalty card, simply quote 'EFITWITHGI' or just say you're here because of Giana's blog if you'd rather not quote a random word to them!  

Have you ever tried or heard of E-Fit before? Do you prefer going to a gym or have you tried other unconventional styles of training? 




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