Tuesday 7 August 2018

Hola gang! I've been taking a bit of a blogging break this summer to make the most of the sunshine and nights with cocktails and my friends. So have decided to open up space for a couple of guest posts. I've actually been growing an interest in interior design and looking to explore that on my blog. So to kick off the area here is a guest post from Flooring Superstore


If you own a holiday home then you likely understand the need for amazing versatile, looking and durable flooring. Actually, one of the most vital design elements of a holiday home is the flooring. Not only does it need to withstand the crowded foot traffic of your guests but it also needs to withstand sand, mud and definitely, temperature.

Temperature can play a big role in the well-being of a holiday home flooring. When not in use and the heat is turned off, the temperature within the cabin can change significantly, thus impacting the health and look of the flooring. So, when you open up your holiday home again this summer or spring, take a best look at your flooring and ask yourself if it is time to change it with something that looks beautiful and works better for you.

Old, destroyed flooring can not only be an ugly thing, but can also effect on owners capability to rent it out or even sell it when the times comes. Durable, charming vinyl flooring choices will not just update the look of your cabin, but also are capable to withstand heavier foot traffic and colder temperatures.

Vinyl flooring can provide the look of wood flooring without the maintenance drawbacks of natural hardwood. After all, you want flooring for your holiday home that is amazingly durable and looks remarkable, too. There are actually a big range of brands that provide stone, wood and other stylish or rustic looks that are best for your cabin or holiday home. And, there are even versatile, charming flooring brands that can withstand up to 20 degrees below Fahrenheit!

More heavy-duty styles like luxury vinyl can provide you the wonderful design aesthetic you are looking for while also providing amazing durability and temperature resistance. Best for any room in your house, low-repair vinyl floors are made to withstand to everything your active holiday home can throw at them adding stains, scuffs, scratches, and even water. So, when you find it is time to update your old outdated flooring, ensure you make a choice in flooring that looks charming and meets the special needs of your house away from home.


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