Tuesday 25 September 2018

I want to start by saying to all my friends reading this, some of you may have inspired parts of this but I have also drawn from other experiences and exaggerated a bit for comedic effect, so please don't be offended (unless you think the shoe fits, kidding, kinda). I've had quite a few group trips over the last 2 years - including a press trip to India with 29 other bloggers, trips with my family, fast paced eurotrips with my best friends and even throwing my sister and two of my best friends (who barely knew each other at the time) in a group to go to Malta to fill our room of 4. They say you really get to know someone when you go on holiday with them, and I can safely say after returning I could have done with not seeing any of their faces for 2 weeks they all passed the test. Here's 6 types of people you're likely to travel with on holiday. 

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1. The clip-board organiser. 

Ok so I'm not that exaggerated, I draw the line at google docs and spreadsheets. This is the person who knows what time you're sitting down to have tea and cake and how long it's going to take you to walk from your hotel to the breakfast bar (because that's already been decided too) and probably learnt a few phrases in Japanese just for the lols. It may sometimes feel like you're on a school trip with them, but at least you'll know you won't be leaving Paris without tasting the best croissants in the city, taking photos in the most beautiful spots and drinking in the best bars. 

2. The one who's just there to get drunk. 

This person probably had Magaluf on their list first but you guys negotiated and settled for Ibiza. A hike or an afternoon exploring museums is usually not on their agenda. They just want to know what the local beer is, what parties are on and the hotel room is mainly used for sleeping off hangovers. The great thing about them is that if none of you are particularly 'feeling it' they'll be there to hype you up until you are. 

3. The pensioner. 

You can usually identify this person when the majority of their vocab on the trip consists of 'I'm tired' 'what time are we going back to the room?' and usually wants to be back in bed by 9pm. To make sure this person goes the distance, make sure they drink a cup of coffee at every food break. This person is useful because often you're probably in need of a nap too so you just need to wait for them to suggest it. You'll also want to thank them for stopping you from staying out until 4am if you've got a flight to catch the next day. 

4. The one who doesn't even know what country you're in. 

This person likely said yes to the trip without even knowing where the hell on the map it is. They're easy to travel with in the sense that they're not fussy but maybe they wouldn't be the most ideal person to be lost in the middle of Athens with because they haven't been paying attention to anything the whole time. They probably trust you with your judgement and ideas which is good, but we all know collaboration is key! 

5. The one who's there to 'find themself'. 

This person is either well travelled or spent 2 weeks in Bali to figure out who they are and now thinks he's the healer of the world. Every trip with them turns into a deep conversation about the world and how we are all connected and life is beautiful. Or chances are, you probably meet them in a hostel or bar and they'll be sure to drop in how they climbed kilimanjaro and about the time they almost died from rabies. 

6. The Kardashian. 

If you really want this person to come along, then it's best to leave the airline you're flying with and hotel you're staying at until you land in the airport. The thought of staying at a hostel would repulse them, and the only type of street food they'd be fine with eating is bottled Fiji water from the machine. They probably have good taste though, so if you're looking to splurge on a fancy dinner one night they'll probably know where to look.  

7. The 'go with the flow-er'.

Probably the best and easiest person to travel with. This person is usually down for whatever - pub crawling in Prague, trying 3 course local foods, fine with walking 40 minutes to a restaurant that ends up being below average and then doesn't complain, sees the funny side when things go wrong and also offers to use their 3G to google map directions.

prague tea with gi

When you travel in a group sometimes it's hard for everyone to agree on everything - from who gets to sleep in what bed to what cuisine you're going to have for dinner. Even if you were to have every type of person above in one trip, the chances are all the little bumps you have will make for funny stories later - as long as you don't have more than one of each, then things mights get a bit tricky. 

What kind of traveller do you think you are? 


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