Monday 29 April 2019

It's been a hot minute since I've done a blog post asking the readers something, and since I've gone through a slight blog hiatus and have just been spending my spare time in Australia laying on beaches and fan girling that Game of Thrones is back, I thought this would be a fitting question to ask my friends and pester my readers to answer. For those of you who aren't aware of who the white walkers are, just imagine you will be spending your next morning fighting these things and half the cast of the Walking Dead.

white walkers

1. "I'd do Tormund. Then probably call my family to say goodbye. They maybe try heroine." - Nicola

2. "I'd go to all my favourite restaurants and eat all my favourite meals (Bodeguiya, My Wines), then I will make love with my love, then make him give me a foot massage, well a full body massage. Then to help me fall asleep before the big night I'd probably smoke a krippy." - Gabriella

3. "I'd go to Burger King and eat a long chicken, then go to McDonalds for a McFlurry, then Pizza Hut for a slice of Hawaiian. Then go to the petrol station to buy a bottle of Echo Falls Summer Berries and maybe have the company of a nice, suitable, attractive man to keep me company until the sun comes up. Then once the night king has slaughtered me, I'd get him to bring me and Robb Stark back from the dead so we can live happily ever after." - G x

4.  "First I'd fly to Leeds to go sleep with the best lover I've had, and then I'd go and refuel by eating all the gluten infested products that I can't eat but who cares cause I'm going to die anyway." - Mariah

5. "Eat all of the Candy Kittens." - Pavan

6. "I would probably eat my body weight in chocolate and cheese whilst getting drunk and searching the black market for dragon glass. Then make my last meal at La Pampa." - Gabby

7. "Send everyone I know a paragraph of what I actually think of them." - Anna

8. "I'd tell every girl I've slept with that I have chlamydia." - Ben

9. "Probably watch all the Game of Thrones episodes for inspiration on how to survive against the White Walkers. Maybe order a chicken korma as well." - Pete

10. "Tell those I love that I love them/ Make peace with the fact I might definitely die tomorrow . Make sure I have everything prepared. Then sleep with someone. Oh and definitely get drunk, but not too drunk that I'm really hungover." - Jack

11. "Go and spend £1000 on a good bottle of wine." - Brian

12. "I'd stay with the people I love, make love and drink with the people who I will die with the next day. What a night, but what a glorious day to die next morning." - Alex

13. "I'd go to the countryside with my partner and lay looking at the stars, it's what we do when things get tough or tricky. It puts things into perspective, so if it's our last night I'd want to spend it like that." - Lizzie

14. "Have s.e.x., and drink something strong. Let's face it, may as well have fun before it all ends." - Emma

15. "Eat everything I've been craving because who cares I'm going to turn into a white walker anyway" - Christina

16. "Khaleesi." - Arun

17. "I'd do Khaleesi." - Jake

18. "I'd do exactly what Gendry did with Arya, but with Dany." - Umesh

19. "I'd get super drunk to have the confidence to tell my parents everything I did behind their back, and I'd consume an obscene amount of chocolate and carbs. I would build a badass snowman so the white walkers know I mean business. Get to bed early so I could start drinking again before the army of the dead arrives." - Mike

20. "I'd have a fucking long nap. I'm not a Game of Thrones fan but I know enough to know what this means and I'd have a fucking long nap." - Amy

21. "I think I would train hard at the gym, and then eat all my favourite foods incase I die. I don't want to regret the fact that my last meal was terrible." - Amita

22. "Probably ask Dany if I could ride one of her dragons, or at least let me take a ride with her, because it would be a great way to go." - Luke

23. "Spend the rest of my savings on UberEats." - Sam

24. "Probably spend it at home playing Manopoly with my family, that would probably get us through the night." - Alex

25. "Probably go out to my favourite club and get so wasted that I'll be KO for the actual fight and not even be aware of my death." - Chloe

If you haven't seen todays episode yet, I hope your favourite character lives! 


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