Tuesday 3 December 2019

My 10 months in Brisbane will be shortly coming to an end, and I thought now would be a good time to share with you guys what my favourite activities and ways to spend time in the city have been. Granted, Brisbane hasn't got a lot of things to do and see, but there is no shortage of good places to eat in Brisbane, nightclubs and bars, and alternative things to do with your time whilst you are exploring the city. So here it is, 10 alternative things to do whilst you are in Brisbane.

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1. Kayak down the Brisbane river. 

This is such a great experience and you don't really need any experience to do it. I used to row and somehow I kayaked all the way up the river with my oar upside down, so my arms were definitely aching for the next 3 days! Riverlife offer a range of activities along the Brisbane river and I experienced the 'paddle and dip' one. We saw the sunset over the city which was beautiful, and then after an hour and a half of kayaking the group had some drinks and dips on a marquee by the river. 100% recommend!

* I received this activity on a complimentary basis for review 

tea with gi brisbane

2. Have a sunday session on a YOT. 

Sunday sesh's are a big thing in Australia - because who cares if you're hungover at work on a Monday? The YOT Club host a series of classy boat parties along the Brisbane river during the spring and summer months. I worked at a similar boat (different company) as a VIP waitress and it was so much fun just wish I could have been on the partying side of things!

3. See how much food you can stomach at EatStreet. 

Everytime I come here I say I'm just going to pick one thing. I end up having my meal, plus a sample honey donut, bubble tea and a marshmallow and fruit stick. This place is only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays but it's definitely worth a visit. There are over 50 stalls and there's also live music and shows.

tea with gi brisbane

4. Start your night with some crazy golf and cocktails. 

Holey Moley is Brisbane's crazy gold and cocktail bar in Fortitude Valley. So it's a great place to start your night if you want to venture into one of the clubs nearby after! This was actually my first time put put-ing and admittedly, I sucked. Maybe because I was three cocktails in or because my hand eye coordination is just terrible. 

5. Find some second hand gems at a suitcase rummage. 

My only regret is that I didn't sign up for this myself before it sold out, because I have accumulated a lot of stuff that I don't really want to take back home with me! The Suitcase Rummage takes place in Brisbane City the first and third Sunday of every month, and it's exactly what it sounds like. People bring their clothes, shoes, books, jewellery etc that they no longer want, in a suitcase to sell. You'll also find a lot of small businesses too selling their handmade crafts.

6. Go on a pub crawl with other backpackers. 

If you read my other travel guides then you'll be used to this by now as 9/10 times I always add a pub crawl to the list! If you're not a drinker or like socialising with random people then go ahead and move on to number 9. If you are, Base Backpackers put on a Pub crawl every Thursday at 7pm that takes you to several bars and then their own nightclub Downunder Bar (definitely an experience in itself). I actually met one of my best friends here at one of the pub crawls!

tea with gi brisbane

7. Have a very instagramable picnic on Kangaroo point. 

Kangaroo Point has one of the most picturesque views of the city - especially at sunset! There are lot of electric bbq's set up along the area so all you need to do is bring the food and drinks. If you fancy something a bit more special, then Picnic Co set up beautiful picnic spreads for all occasions, and they can be customised depending on your preferences.   

8. Have a swim at Streets Beach. 

To get to a decent beach in Brisbane you'll have to drive for an hour or more to get to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Or you could walk across the bridge from the CBD and go for a swim at Street Beach, Southbank's 'fake beach' complete with sand and a pool. It can get pretty crowded on the weekend so make sure you get there early. It's pretty interesting being on a beach but still seeing all the skyscrapers behind it!

tea with gi brisbane

9. Watch a free comedy show at the Powerhouse. 

To be honest this is something I wish I would have done more of whilst I was here, because I really enjoyed myself. Every Friday the Brisbane Powerhouse put on a free stand up comedy show, and well some of the acts are pretty funny. 

10. Have a tour of Brisbane on an electronic longboard. 

Since you are just visiting, I guess you should go and check out some of the sights hey? If walking is too boring for you, then try exploring the city on an electronic longboard with EskateAU. They offer a River City Tour and a Park Adventure, or you can customise your ride! The group size is pretty small (up to 4) so you get a personal experience too.

Have you ever been to Brisbane? Which one of these activities is most up your street?


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  1. Loved the YOT one that looks like a lot of fun. For a minute I thought it was spelt wrong lol but great post and great fun suggestions!


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