Friday 7 February 2020

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Growing up in Gibraltar meant that taking a summer holiday to Spain was the norm several times a year as we are literally a stones throw away from the Spanish border. The great thing about travelling up the coast is that each town or city has it's own unique character and even though I was never that far from home it still allowed for that feeling of escapism and fun (and hotel buffets). One place I spent a lot of weekends in was Mijas. Mijas is located on the Costa Del Sol, around 1hr 20 minutes drive from Gibraltar or 35 minutes from Malaga Airport. It's quite a quaint little town filled with white houses, beaches and great tapas. If you're planning a vacation to Andalusia, here's my guide on spending a weekend in Mijas, Spain.


Where to stay 

Mijas is one of the Costa Del Sol's more relaxing towns, so why not take full advantage of that and stay in a villa. Clickstay offers a large variety of Villas in Mijas and there's a good selection whether you're travelling with your friends, family or partner. I prefer this kind of accommodation if you're travelling in a group, as it means you can take advantage of the outdoor space and have BBQs, wine nights or even a game of Monopoly.

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What to do 

1. Walk around the Old Town (Pueblo).

If you're looking for a few photo ops then this is the place to go. The old town is full of white houses, flower pots, cobblestones and the Plaza de Torros. Which is also a great place to grab a cerveza (beer) and some tapas. 

2. Visit the Aquamijas water park. 

When I was younger this would always be one of the highlights of my summer. Whether you're travelling with kids or just fancy some water fun yourself (you're never really too old for this are you?) it's a great day out option and after spending a couple of days in the Spanish heat, throwing yourself in pools is exactly what you'll want. The park is open from June until late September and they have discounted tickets for children.  

3. Visit the 'museum of miniatures'. 

As the name suggests, the Museo de Miniaturas is full of hundreds of miniature items picked up by the hypnotist and magician Juan Elegido Millan. One of the most interesting pieces is a painting of the Seven Wonders of the World, on a toothpick, yes a toothpick

4. Take a day trip to Gibraltar. 

Since you're already that close to it, why not tick another country off your bucket list? Gibraltar is a British overseas territory situated on the most southern tip of Europe. It is separated from Spain by a border so make sure you remember your passport! You'll find people here speak English and Spanish, and you'll be able to find a mix of cuisines and influences here. Here's a complete list of things to do in Gibraltar

5. Visit the Castillo de Colomares

Another great photo spot, the Castillo (castle) was built in the 80s and is a ode to Christopher Columbus. 

6. Take an evening walk through the 'Paseo Maritimo' 

One of my favourite things about Spain is that the atmosphere usually doesn't die down anywhere until midnight, even on weekdays. Most Spanish families will have dinner at 9pm, and you will still see children out and playing at this time too around the restaurants. The paseo maritimo (promenade walk) is usually filled with little shops that stay open late, ice cream stalls, restaurants and chiringuitos (beach bar).  

What to eat

I couldn't write a post without sharing some of my favourite Spanish meals (or tapas) with you guys. So here they are

Patatas Bravas - fried potatoes that are covered in a slightly spicy tomato based sauce.

Berejenas en Miel - aubergine/eggplant that are cut into chips, fried and then drizzled in honey. 

Croquetas - croquettes are small round breadcrumbed rolls that come with different fillings. My favourite being ham or spinach. 

Tortilla de Patata - basically a very thick omelette, with potatoes mixed in too. 

Ensaladilla Rusa - a cold potato based salad that is mixed with mayo, tuna, olives and peas. 

Have you ever been to Spain before? What parts have you visited?

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