Thursday 4 March 2021

 [This is a collaborative post but all words are my own.]

You're probably thinking, Giana why are you writing a wedding themed blog post when you're very much single? Even though that's the case, one of my best friends is getting married soon! So we've been busy talking everything wedding related (and the hen night of course). Having a degree in events management also means that I've always enjoyed thinking about 'out of the box' themes and creative ideas for celebrations. If you or somebody you know are tying the knot soon, here are some ideas to consider for the special day. 

1. Make your own wedding invitations.

If you want to make your invites feel a lot more personal, then why not try making DIY wedding invitations? This way you can bring them to life however you want, and if you're not exactly fond of your own handwriting, invite your bridesmaids over and have everyone do their part for creating the perfect invites! 

2. Invent some signature cocktails.

I'm sure by the end of the night, most guests will be ordering beers, G&Ts or vodka redbulls. To keep things interesting at the beginning of the reception, have some unique cocktails to choose from. You could have fun with this and have some 'inside joke' cocktail names. 

3. Put disposable cameras on each table. 

Even though most individuals will take loads of photos to remember the day on their phones, having pictures on disposable cameras means you'll have something to take away from the night, and you can add them to a wedding photo album the old fashioned way!

4. Hangover relief kits for the adults. 

Even though your grandmother might only have two glasses of champagne, I think most people would appreciate a bag of snacks and goodies at the end of the night! I'd include a little bottle of mouthwash, an eye mask, some electrolytes and a bag of crisps. 

5. Have a guest icebreaker question or 'dare'. 

Under each guests' place card, write a dare or question they must ask someone at the wedding during the reception. The great thing about this is that you'll be able to personalise each one to the person, which makes it a great way to try set up your single friends or at least get conversations flowing! 

6. Send a collaborative playlist for the guests. 

Want to make sure nobody complains about the music on the night? Set up a collaborative playlist on Spotify and share it with your guests to add songs. Before the wedding you can choose to make this private again and edit the playlist as you please, as WAP might not go down very well at 9pm with your family around!

7. Set up a karaoke area.

There's always going to be guests who will say they 'don't dance', so how about they sing instead? You can hire a karaoke machine and keep everyone pleased. I can already imagine everyone hogging the microphone to sing High School Musical. 

8. Have a sweet cart for the kids (and peckish adults). 

A fun idea would be to have a pick and mix cart for guests either in a corner or going around the tables during the reception. If you'd rather have a gin cart, I'm sure that would also go down a treat! 

9. Create a # for social media for the wedding. 

Since you'll be too busy having fun on your big day to see all the photos you've been tagged in on Instagram, the best way to have all the photos from your wedding in one place is to create an official hashtag! You can have signs around the reception reminding guests what it is, or making it something simple like #AandBsWedding

10. Theme your centrepieces. 

I always said I wanted to have Disney movie themed centrepieces, but now that I'm a bit older and my interest have slightly changed. I would love to theme each table on a different city me and my 'future partner' have been to or places of importance. It's your day, so have fun with it!

With a lot of weddings being postponed due to the global pandemic, it is exciting that things are slowly getting back to normal and we can start looking forward to things. I hope you find any of these ideas interesting and consider them on your wedding day!


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