Monday 17 October 2022

If you follow me on my Tea With Gi Instagram page you might have seen that I just got back from a weekend in London, and probably wondered how I manage to fill so much food into 48 hours. Eating good food when I travel is probably at the top of my priority list, and London has no shortage of this! For me Italian and Japanese are always my top choices, so of course one of our meals was at Inamo in Soho. 

Inamo consists of pan-Asian cuisine which includes asian tapas and sushi, and also has the world's 1st interactive table ordering system. They are located both in Soho and in Covent Garden. We booked our table through the OpenTable website, which allows you to browse through over 100s of restaurants in London (and other major cities). Here you can make reservations, read reviews and earn points towards free meals. One of my favourite features of the website is that it allows you to search for 'experiences' at restaurants, so it's easy to find a bottomless brunch or unlimited buffet option!

At Inamo we opted for the 'unlimited asian sushi & tapas and bottomless drinks' which cost £45 per person, plus a 10% service fee that we were charged at the restaurant. When we arrived we were promptly shown to our table and our waitress explained how the interactive concept worked. Using a touch pad on the table you could:

  • order your food
  • check what you had already ordered
  • call the waiter to refill your drink
  • play games
  • watch the chef in the kitchen
  • and see your total

We were given an hour and a half to order food and drinks (beer, wine and prosecco) and we were only allowed to order 3 dishes at a time before ordering the more plates. Between me and my partner we managed to get through 16 sushi/tapas dishes - not a bad attempt! The food arrived quickly and we found that we didn't really have to call the waiter to top up our drinks as they were attentive, and would fill up our glasses before we'd even finished! We did call them 5 minutes before our time was up so we could finish off our meal with a cheeky quick glass of prosecco. 

For me the best dishes were the rose salmon sashimi, Szechuan Chicken, bang bang cauliflower, yuzu pork belly, korean BBQ ribs and the yellowtail roll. I was slightly heartbroken that the dragon roll wasn't included in the unlimited menu, but in hindsight i'm sure we could have ordered this as an extra if we wanted to!

Overall, we had a great experience and would definitely return in a few months to try some different dishes if they change up the 'unlimited menu'. There are probably no more than 15 tables in here, so booking beforehand is necessary to get a spot. The dim lighting makes it a great place for a date night, or even just for a get together with friends. 


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