Friday 13 February 2015

Okay so, I decided to add this section to my blog because I get asked daily for movie recommendations from my friends and somehow never seem to be able to come up with any on the spot. So I thought this was a handy way to keep my favourites in one place and also give you guys a chance to enjoy them too if you haven't heard of them!

 This movie was in cinemas in October in the UK and i was dying to go see it, and so that was the plan for the night until I was suddenly third wheeling with my best friend and her boyfriend, who strangely thought this would be too much of a "chick flick" and so we decided to watch "Gone Girl" (which is also an amazing movie). Annoyingly Love, Rosie hadn't been online for AGES so i've only just been able to watch it as it's just been released in US cinemas (kindly note that Gone Girl was already online come November, so you can understand my frustration.)

 At first glance this movie seems like your typical "boy and girl fall in love and live happily every after" storyline, but there is definitely a lot more too it than that and I shed my fair amount of tears throughout. It's a movie that has it's funny cringe worthy moments, parts where you will wish you had a boyfriend, dramatic scenes where you're glad you don't have a boyfriend and scenes where you just wanna punch -insert said character- in the face.

If that's not enough to make you want to watch it, valentine's day is coming up and if you have no one to spend it with why not spend it with the gorgeous Lily Collins (her eyebrow game is so strong) and that sexy shirtless guy from the Hunger Games Sam Claflin. After watching the movie i also ordered the book in which it is based on "Where Rainbows End" so once I am done with that I shall give you my verdict!

 If you've seen it what were your thoughts on this film?
 What are your go to romance movies and who actually has some exciting plans for Valentine's Day?!


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