Friday 13 March 2015

If you're under 18, look away now because yes, we're talking about sex. It has always been something of a taboo subject and is something that is completely natural, but it is also something that people can rush into too quickly, or on the other hand place too much importance on and then get completely disappointed. So I managed to find 18 people who seemed very willing to share their experiences with me, this was definitely an interesting topic to read and write about and I hope it is somewhat enjoyable and insightful for you! 

1. Male, 20
In one word: disastrous. I was 14, just about to turn 15, and I felt like a champion. Funnily enough, it was when I first made out with a girl as well - some would say this is fairly late, but at the time I didn't really think much of it. It was a messy affair and had everything one could want from your regular sexual encounter: tears, guilt, and blood... lots and lots of blood. I hated every second of it, I was worrying too much - not for my own sake, quite unfortunately. I regretted it happening and we didn't really speak afterwards. 

2. Male, 19
At the age of 17 I had made no progress on the "bases", not even a sneaky boob grab. A night of drinking and a spliff with the daughter of a family friend and i'm in, though I found it very hard to find where "in" was. Let's just say I don't go to my mum's social gatherings anymore.

3. Female, 20
I was 15, he was 16 - We were drunk at a party (like most love stories start nowadays) I had thrown up, but he was my boyfriend of 6 months so it could have been worse. I stayed over then did the walk of shame and had the hangover from hell, 6 years on he's still my boyfriend so I must have done something right.

4. Female, 20
Where the fuck to begin (sorry for the already rude language) I'm not usually one to display this information. But get ready for some great literature. 

I was 17 and this moment in my life came about rather abruptly, can't say I was expecting it. Which you will probably gather from this story. So I spent a few days with this guy, and he finally asked "hey wanna spend the night at mine tomorrow?" So with my naive teenage head on, I immediately said yes, thinking oh my god this will be perfect (lol). Well cutting the crap of the day we spent together, we went to his room, nice and late so obviously lights out all out (paddy mcguiness quote to lighten up the mood). 

And before I knew it he was getting with me, touching and all sorts. You know the drill - I had been with guys before this but not 'all the way' and I can tell you this wasn't a small drill.. In fact quite the opposite. I was scared- which probably didn't help the situation. However, he was clearly all about getting in there and finishing. I however wasn't but failed to voice this. So I was in for a world of pain- I wasn't aware of this until it actually hit me, quite literally. Pain pain pain pain pain. "Ok it's there. Fuck it's there". I genuinely can't remember the amount of thoughts that we're going through my head at this point. But pain was certainly one of them. A few EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE bump and grinds later, (class) as you would have guessed, I voted 'let's stop'. Thank Christ. But ah well. V plates gone. Not in the best way. But gone- great. Romance at its finest. Then we both had a cigarette to relieve the pain that was just lived (mainly for me- disappointment for him).

5. Female, 21
I was 14 and me and my friends befriended these two foreign boys who were both yum and one night I was feeling spontaneous and told one of them I'd have sex with him if he jumped into the pool around 3am. He did. So we went back to his and did it on a toilet seat. He just sat there and I had to do everything. So apart from the occasional "wanna go again" coming from him we didn't speak again.

6. Male, 22 
I was 18 and feeling the pressure of being the only virgin in my friendship group - stupid I know. I was on a cruise and ended up meeting this french girl and we somehow thought we were the modern day Jack and Rose on the Titanic (minus the tragic ending) and on the last night of the holiday we had sex in one of the storage rooms. Romantic I know, and I should also add she didn't speak much english, and I spoke 5 words of French. 

7. Female, 21
My first time was when I was pretty young. I was a month away from turning 15 and naturally, I had no idea about anything. I was hanging around with a bunch of older friends at the time and it was my boyfriend's 16th birthday. We all went out that night and a group of us ended up having a sleepover at his house. What ensued was chaotic. Firstly, I knew I wanted to have sex but wasn't quite sure about the technicalities. We sauntered into his bedroom after a few drinks with our friends and proceeded to get down to business. After all the kissing and touching and everything else that comes with it, he slipped on a condom, laid on top of me and off we went. I lay pretty motionless whilst adjusting to the sensation. It was fine for about a minute before it started to hurt down below. I knew from reliable friends and Google it was going to hurt the first time, but what I wasn't expecting was searing pain gravitating up my stomach and down my legs. At this point his chihuahua started humping my foot too, which wasn't cool but I was more concerned about the pain. We had to stop as it was stinging so bad I was crying, I ran to the bathroom to find out I was covered in a weird rash. Turns out I'm allergic to latex (from the condom) and had swollen up everywhere and my nether regions resembled a puffer fish. Thankfully, I had a shower and it seemed to subside. My friends took the piss for weeks. We stayed together for a few months after that and we're still friends now and I don't really regret it! 

8. Female, 20
It was with my boyfriend at the time at the mere age of 15. BUT sadly there was no romance involved whatsoever. We waited until my mum had gone out to pick my sister up from school (a 2 minute walk) and then it all happened in that short space of time,missionary, and it sucked. 

9. Female, 20
I was 16 going on 17 and as with most cases, it wasn't the fairytale roses on the bed situation I had always pictured. I had planned to lose my virginity to a boy I had had a holiday fling with and we were soon to be meeting again but the location made it pretty hard unless we wanted to take "Sex on the Beach" literally, and in front of a group of tourists overlooking the promenade at us dry humping on the beach. So ironically, I lost my virginity two days later, on a drunken night to some guy I had probably spoken to twice and being young and naive I actually thought "let's go for a ride" was going to be just that, a ride. He was 3 years older than me and had the idea he was some sort of porn star, I quote - "I know I'm big but I like you so I'm not going to hurt you" Not to mention I was pretty much half asleep during the whole thing.

10. Male, 22
I was 19 at a movie night at the frat and met this girl and it happened to be her birthday. We went for a walk and she kept dropping hints about wanting "birthday sex" We ended up at her sorority and she wanted to have sex on the roof...so we tried to but I was too nervous and it took me a while to actually get "prepared" (and it was cold) I was fine in the bedroom, but I think the roof was a bit too much for a beginner.

11. Female, 20
I always wanted to wait to lose my virginity to someone I actually loved, which seems hard to find nowadays with most guys just wanting "one night stands". Growing up I was known as the 'fat one' so I felt like no one really wanted to get to know me as a person. It made me shy and self-conscious to even speak to guys. Once I lost the weight it felt like i was living a new life by getting all this new attention from boys but still kept my promise of losing to someone I loved. Unfortunately, once I started uni, freshers week got a bit out of hand and it just happened. In a way it was what I had expected but in another it wasn't. I regret doing it, and it wasn't the fairytale experience I was hoping for but sadly that tends to be the case most of the time. 

12. Male, 18
This was actually last week, at a house party and one of my friends was going who I had a huge crush on. Everyone was sleeping in tents outside, and it got really dark and I got really drunk. I called her name and she answered so I got in her tent, She was alone and we started kissing and clothes came off... It was kinda weird but I really liked her so.. After we were talking and I realised I had slept with some random girl of the same name, and the girl I intended to sleep with found out shortly after. I should probably add that I was pretty wasted and ended up peeing myself in the tent lying next to her, so maybe it was best it wasn't the girl I actually liked. 

13. Female, 20 
I was 15 years old, slightly drunk. It was kind of good but weird as we were in a car park so not what I had in mind when I pictured losing my virginity. I'm sure that the police came after and we had to act like nothing was happening! 

14. Male, 21
We were both 17 and she was my first, we met on holiday and then proceeded to have a long distance relationship for a year before we met up again and had a weekend of love making in a hotel (a long night of love making). We dated for a while after but the long distance thing wasn't going to work, although 2 years later, I still see her as the one that got away. 

15. Male, 20 
I was 13 and she was my fit babysi- okay wait that was just one of my fantasies. I was 20, just having a sick night at the club and ended up going home with a third year (older woman oo) it felt like an uncomfortable wank and she wanted me to stay over but I told her I had to go home and write an essay....at 4am. 

16. Female, 19
Ok so I was 18, one night stand with this guy, both of us completely smashed. Wake up in the morning and do the awkward goodbye, go to change my sheets and he's pissed in my bed.

17. Female, 20
I idolised this boy who was in the year below me at school. He was a pompous twat to say the least, but he thought he was God’s gift when all he was, was a weedy 16 year old boy. Anyway I had spent my whole night trying to get his attention (bearing in mind I was literally the most awkward 16 year old ever so obviously this didn’t go very well). As I was walking home he shouted after me, I did not take a second thought and ditched my friend who was very pissed off, and managed to lecture me about how he was going to use for just for sex, basically I am sorry for ignoring your words of wisdom sista you know who you are haha . So yeah one thing led to another and we ended up behind a school, it didn’t end well I semi cried cause it hurt too much and walked away with embarrassment. Moral of the story, listen to your friends and don’t fall in love with weedy twats 

18. Male, 18
Well, i was 14, young i guess but i was with the girl at the time, in a stable relationship. I remember thinking about it for a while beforehand but we'd never done anything of the sort. One day, we were just at her house, revising for upcoming tests and she just kissed me.. From there, it just escalated and finally, after we both knew there was no going back, I asked if she was comfortable and was sure. Which she was, so we continued and then, bam, the magic happened! For me, it was literally everything I wanted it to be. With a girl who was comfortable, a girl who I was comfortable with, relaxed but intense and so on.. I wouldn't change how it happened or anything about it because it was amazing and definitely something i didn't regret. Maybe i regret that her mum did kinda walk in right in the middle of it but yeah, she saw nothing major. Even today, its a time and something I absolutely treasure and if I had the chance to re-live it, i would, weird i guess right?

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